Head south of the River Thames and you will come across a part of the city which was once associated with small-time crime, rundown areas, and late night partying but which has recently undergone a total transformation and although it’s still a great place to head if you want to enjoy some vibrant nightlife, it is now also one of the trendiest places to live in the city.  This area is, of course, Brixton, and the reputation of this South London borough has done a complete 180 degrees turn in the last 10 years or so to become the diverse and exciting area it is today.  Brixton has long been considered a multicultural area and it is this diverse mix of people and cultures which makes the area such a wonderful and eclectic place to explore.

In terms of getting to Brixton from Central London; it is well connected to London’s public transport network and takes just half an hour by tube to get from The Montcalm At the Brewery London City to the main road running through the area, Coldharbour Lane.  This is certainly something which could be useful to know if you are planning to enjoy the nightlife in Brixton and are concerned about getting home or back to your hotel again at the end of the night; you should find no problem using public transport for this.

Whether you want to explore during the day and leave plenty of time to get back to your accommodation near Brewery Road London City or you are looking for the best hot spot in the city to see in the evening, there is plenty to see and do in Brixton and we have gathered some of our favourites to share with you here:-

Brockwell Park

Located between the areas of Brixton, Dulwich and Herne Hill, Brockwell Park is a large, historic park which was created especially for the residents of South London.  Covering 123 acres, Brockwell Park is home to formal flower beds, ornamental ponds, herbaceous gardens and a 19th century clock tower.  There are sporting facilities, a children’s playground, a children’s club for the under 5’s and even a paddling pool and lido if you happen to be visiting London during the summer months and fancy cooling off in the water.  There is also a café which is situated next to the lido and perfect for refreshments as well as a miniature railway.  If you wanted to escape the busyness of the city for a couple of hours or take the kids somewhere to let them burn off steam, then Brockwell Park is an excellent choice.


Brixton Village and Market Row

This part of Brixton is one of the areas which underwent a recent renovation and it is now home to more than 100 local and independent businesses.  Covered walkways and the shopping arcade offer plenty to keep you busy from restaurants and coffee shops to stores selling jewellery, homeware, clothing, and plenty more.  It is also the place to head if you are after some international cuisine with foods from Europe, India, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America all found here.  The best thing about the food is that it is entirely authentic and some of the best you will find in the whole of London.  There is also a street market which takes place in Brixton if you are in the mood for some bargain hunting; there is a Friday Market, a themed Saturday Market and a Sunday Farmers’ Market although there are Street Food stalls on Station Road every lunch time throughout the week as well.  For book lovers, you can’t go wrong with Book Mongers; a second-hand bookshop which offers a great selection of books and an ambient atmosphere in which to browse. It’s the type of quirky establishment which all bookworms wish they could have on their doorstep.

Ritzy Cinema

One of South London’s oldest picture houses, the Ritzy Cinema first opened in 1911 and continues to be a popular establishment in the area.  It shows a variety of movies from modern productions to classics.  There is also a bar above the cinema which hosts a regular programme of events and live music so it’s a great place to go either before or after your cinema showing.  The Ritzy Cinema can be found on Coldharbour Lane which is very easy to find; especially if you are coming from further afield, perhaps if you have made use of one of the hotel deals in London which are more centrally located.


The Restaurants and Bars

One of the real draws for people coming to Brixton is the wonderful array of restaurants and bars which can be found here.  Many offer live music, international cuisine, and more atmosphere than you could shake a stick at.  You have restaurants such as Carioca with it’s Brazilian inspired menu and cocktails, the Prince of Wales which it’s rooftop bar and fabulous sound system, Bukowski Grill which is All-American and Agile Rabbit which is undoubtedly one of the best places to head for pizza if you are in the area.  And this is just a tiny portion of the many bars, clubs, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants which can be discovered in Brixton.

Brixton Art Gallery

Brixton Art Gallery is a contemporary gallery which aims to display both the work of international artists and to raise awareness of the dynamic culture which exists in the local Brixton community through exhibitions.  Brixton itself is considered to be a landmark for urban arts and culture and the Brixton Art Gallery aims to capture this and demonstrate it to visitors from all over the world.  The Gallery is now in its 21st year and not only seeks to engage with tourists but also with the local community; they have a thriving schools programme, a regular programme of events including a popular poetry performance night as well as holding special events to attract families and children.