Taking a vacation as a couple can be the trip of a lifetime if done correctly. It can also be a total disaster, depending on how well it is prepared and how prepared you are to be together in that way.

Follow these seven tips before jumping in to make sure you and your significant other are ready to take your first vacation together as a couple. If you are stuck on where should you go first, then discussing what you both like and researching similar areas so you both are happy, is a starting point, but I will go further into that down below.

1) Plan your journey.

There’s a good chance you have a bucket list of countries you would like to visit, and your other half probably has one too. And if you don’t have a list, it’s time to make one.
This will allow you and your partner to figure out which countries are best suited to both of you and limit any potential disagreements before the vacation even gets started. Once you get this sorted, make sure and check out what each location offers.
For example, if you are keen on hiking mountains, but your partner dreams of doing some diving, South Tyrol may not be the best option, but several Caribbean islands offer some of the best hiking and diving opportunities in the world. If you do go that route, just make sure to avoid the family all-inclusives, and choose somewhere more romantic.
The more you two can come together on a plan, the more you’ll look forward to the trip.

2) Budget to prevent any misunderstanding.

Speak to your partner in advance about budgets. There’s a big difference between a camping trip and flying to Barbados. You should be guided by the budget of the lower income partner, if there are price differences and you are a couple who prefers to keep finances separate.
If you wish to holiday in a hostel with a double bed, and your partner wants to stay in a five-star hotel then, they should cover the difference, with no questions asked. This topic should not come up at a later stage or in the middle of the next argument.
To manage finances throughout your vacation, it’s best to plan a daily or weekly budget. This prevents having to discuss the topic of money on vacation. If there’s a figure in place, you’ll know if you can afford to eat out or cook for yourself, or whether you can afford the five-star hotel or the double bed hostel.

3) Have a trial weekend first.

If you have only recently started dating or only see your partner at evenings and weekends, it’s best to try a weekend first.
If you’re with someone 24/7, you start to get a real glimpse of who that person is. Spend two or three days together, and you will have a fair idea if you can see yourself with that person on longer vacation.
If you can’t – well then there’s nothing worse than being in a different country on a first getaway struggling to be polite, smile and acting like life is ok. This is ok on a two-hour date, but not on a two day getaway. To take a longer trip, you need to think about what makes you compatible, because that’s a significant step in the relationship.
Have a look at some cheap airfare and book two or three days away to a random country of mutual choice. If all goes well on the weekend away, then come back and start planning your two-week holiday.

4) Gear up.

This wholly depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing. You might need need a new sleeping bag if you’re doing something outdoorsy. Maybe it’s time for some fresh sneakers if you’re going to be doing a lot of sightseeing and walking. It’s possible you or your partner doesn’t even have luggage to travel.
While we’re on the topic of preparation for travel, you should also make sure you have the proper documentation. You should find out whether a travel visa is required, and whether you need an extra insurance. Nothing is worse than ending up in medical debt from another country because your insurance wasn’t recognized there.
Make sure you have everything you need-from gear to documentation and insurance.

5) Manage your expectations.

It would be fantastic if everything was filled with candle light dinners, sparkles, fireworks and romance, but it is very important to manage expectations.
Unless you have a personal assistant managing your traveling itinerary, travelling does involve some level ofhttps://www.vogue.com/article/how-to-vacation-with-your-new-boyfriend-girlfriendpersonal and relationship stress, don’t panic – this is completely natural and all part of the travelling-with-your-partner process. Divide the responsibility according to each person’s strengths.
This seems easy enough but can be quite difficult. For some, there is nothing worse than looking at Google Maps and trying to figure out what direction you are going.https://www.bustle.com/articles/74328-15-tips-for-couples-traveling-together-because-taking-a-trip-can-be-mighty-romantic-and-rage-inducingWork to each other’s strengths – if you don’t mind driving, and your partner’s handy at locating reasonably priced restaurants, then it should be simple to minimise disputes.

6) Push each other’s limits.

Go outside your comfort zone – scared of heights? Try out the nearest sky dive. Think you’re a bit claustrophobic? Consider a scuba dive.
It’s a brilliant opportunity to test each other and see how far each is willing to go in the name of good fun. You won’t regret it if you do something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

7) Allow yourself some space

This may come as a surprise, but you do not have to spend every second of every day together. If you are an independent person, you will need some time alone. It might be a quick trip to the store while your partner is watching TV or a walk along the beach by yourself.
Whatever it may be, make sure to give yourself some time and space to recharge the batteries every now and again.
Prepare as much as you can and remember whatever happens to not stress out and to be grateful for the fact that you are on holiday. Your mindset will make all the difference.