It’s best to travel stress-free and with no added pressure. Luckily these days there are so many different travel apps that you can download to your iPhone. With these apps you no longer have to worry about whether or not your flight is on time or if your hotel accommodation is not what you had expected.

These top 5 travel apps will help you stay organised, on time and on budget whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

  1. SkyScanner helps you prepare for everything you might need to complete your trip. It helps you get an idea on baseline prices for flights and it even suggests alternative days to travel. If you are flexible, you can find the cheapest prices.
  1. Me is a map app that not only saves you data by keeping maps offline but it has more accurate maps than Google, especially if you are visiting a lesser-known location. 

But as an alternative, if you don’t want to go offline and you intend to continue to use your data, unlocking your iPhone will allow you to do just that. Unlock your iPhone and travel abroad and plug in just about any SIM card that will work in that particular country and you no longer have to worry about being overcharged on your mobile bill.

  1. TripIt will help you to keep track of all the little details regarding your trip. Instead of having to sift through all the fine print, this app will collate only the most essential details of your travel plans from all of your confirmation emails and sort them into an organised itinerary.
  1. Roomer will cater to last minute changes. For example, if you aren’t completely keen on the hotel that you’ve arrived at, Roomer will help find a suitable and inexpensive alternative.
  1. Gogobot helps you to find places to sleep, play and eat depending on your location and your personal preferences. You never have to ask a concierge again.

Planning a holiday doesn’t have to be stressful or disorganised, with these apps you can make your trip easier and more fun.