Planning a stag weekend is one of the best parts of preparing for an upcoming wedding, and Europe is packed full of amazing destinations to suit every preference. These five cities represent some of most excitement and fun that a stag weekend can offer, so make sure they’re all on your shortlist.



1) Amsterdam


There are good reasons why Amsterdam is one of the classic stag weekend locations. It has a lot more to offer than just the tour of the Red Light District! Amsterdam easy to reach via a quick budget flight, and it is packed full of wild bars, stunning canals and places to sample the infamous wares at Dutch coffee shops. It’s easy to get to other cities by train, too. You can be in Brussels in less than two hours, so a stag weekend spanning two countries is definitely a possibility.


2) Barcelona


Getting the drinks in on Las Ramblas, Barcelona


Barcelona should be at the top of your list if you’re thinking of going to Spain, as it offers a unique mix of class and party spirit. The weather is beautiful from mid-spring until late autumn, the beer and sangria are flowing, and there are delicious tapas as far as the eye can see. There are miles of amazing beaches to chill out and enjoy some eye candy, and football fans will definitely want to take a trip to Camp Nou.


3) Dublin


You might not immediately think of Dublin when considering European destinations because it is so close to the UK, but many stag weekends have been based around the city’s friendly reputation. Get chatting to locals in the traditional pubs, schedule a round of golf if you’re into that sort of thing, and strongly consider a teary-eyed pilgrimage to the Guinness brewery. For those travelling across by ferry, the party can start in the ship’s bars as you enjoy the epic sea views.


4) Berlin


A stag weekend in Berlin can be as relaxed or crazy as you like; it’s a huge city, and all the central areas have something to offer. Some guys head over for the energizing beer festival, but it’s such a lively place that you can attend some type of event or festival at almost any time of year. Make sure you pack some of your best menswear for the classier bars and clubs, and prepare to try hundreds of different types of sausages on a hungover afternoon.


5) Ibiza

Partying in Ibiza

Partying in Ibiza



The party island of Ibiza (which is arguably the party capital of the world) is a phenomenally popular place for stag and hen weekends, so you’re sure to meet other fun groups while you’re there. You’ll be surrounded by babes in bikinis, phenomenally cheap cocktails and clubs open until all hours. Remember, Ibiza is the island that never sleeps! When it comes to specific locations, San Antonio is a particularly popular spot for stag parties, but it’s hard to go wrong in any area of this incredible destination.


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