Planning an African safari or luxury beach holiday can be incredibly daunting – there are so many factors to consider.  Which country to choose?  What wildlife and culture do you want to see and what is the best way to experience it?  What activities can I choose from to suit me and my travelling party? And what kind of accommodation is most suitable?   There are thousands of safari camps and tour operators, all with their own character and something slightly different to offer.  Africa Odyssey, based in London has been putting together safari holidaysfor over 20 years and will offer an unbiased view of Countries, areas, lodges and camps.  All their consultants are experts having worked and travelled widely across the continent. 

One of their most popular destinations is a Tanzanian Safari, a long standing favourite for a luxury safari holiday.  Its diversity includes a number of iconic showpieces including Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro; the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera, the Ngorongoro Crater; the Great Migration, where millions of wildebeest and zebras criss-cross the magnificent Serengeti  plains, an area which offers the best chance to see the big cats in action; The chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains; And two of the largest and wildest game reserves in the whole of Africa, the Ruaha and the Selous; in addition to safari , Tanzania boasts a beautiful coastline on the Indian ocean and the historic spice island of Zanzibar. If your wanting to visit Zanzibar, make sure you go at the correct time of year with this handy guide on the best time to visit Zanzibar.

For a first timer it is certainly worth combining the North of the country with some areas in the south, followed by a stint at the beach to relax before heading home.  We recommend spending time in 3 or 4 locations for 3 – 4 nights a piece, depending on the party.  The Serengeti will give you the Africa, as imagined and well documented; huge, open plains, teeming with wildlife and sporadic Acacia trees.  Big cats and herds of buffalo and elephants roam the savannah with vast landscapes and dramatic, ever changing skies.  The south of the country offers incredible diversity and options for incredible wildlife experiences, being far less visited that the parks of the North you will often spend your days exploring without seeing another tourist – a true African wilderness, where walking safaris and boating safaris along well the known Rufiji and Sand Rivers are popular activities.

A safari is best accompanied by some down time on the beach. Tanzania boasts some of the most untouched and pristine coastline both on the mainland and on the stunning island of Zanzibar, still part of Tanzania which makes travel between the two incredibly easy with plenty of daily flights to and from the island.  What better way to spend your holiday than the excitement of a safari followed by a Zanzibar holiday, unwinding on a tropical paradise?