Known for its exotic beaches and fantastic climate, not forgetting the beautiful coastline with mesmerizing views, Nice is a bucket list for many people. Getting a plane ticket that falls within your budget range will go a long way in making your trip comfortable.
A few tips for ensuring you save on your booking are:

  • Book your flight early. Most airlines give ticket discounts for flights scheduled later and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, buying your tickets early will also ensure you get the best seat, for instance, one closer to the washroom or a window.
  • Set price alerts. Buying flight tickets early also gives you a chance to put a price alert for when the ticket prices increase or decrease. When the ticket alert notifies a flight price below your target, it is time to get your ticket.
  • Use your credit card travel credits. Every time you buy an airline ticket, you get travel credits. These travel credits can be redeemed for airtime bonus or future award flights or pay for baggage fees.
  • Flights discounts. You can find a portal or an airline that gives amazing flight discounts. For instance, you can find affordable flights from London to Nice

The need to know before booking flights from London to Paris

The French capital, Paris, is a popular traveling destination. The Eiffel tower is a remarkable sight to behold. Its majestic height makes it to be synonymous with Paris. Additionally, Paris is commonly regarded as a city of love. No wonder it is one of the favourite couple destinations. From marking an anniversary together or a honeymoon destination to aiming to reignite that spark in your relationship, you need not look elsewhere. The Musee d’Orsay is also another spectacular place to visit. Founded in 1986, the museum hosts paintings and photographs, not to mention sculptures and decorative arts dating from the 19th century to the early 20th century.
Staying on your set budget is critical when booking flights from London to Paris. Therefore, buying discounted tickets will go a long way in keeping some money in your pocket. Additionally, you can use the money you have saved to buy souvenirs or visit more places in Paris. Check out for the best round trips discounted prices on specific days for London to Paris flights.
Bon voyage!