If you are considering a driving holiday, there are numerous routes throughout Europe that offer striking views along the way, and each of them give a unique driving experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. While there are numerous routes to choose from, this article highlights five of the best that tap into the varied wonders the continent has to offer.

It’s on routes like these that you’ll come to realise that learning to drive is a vital life skill – and opens up the chance to experience some of life’s greatest pleasures.

The Old Military Road

Famed for its landscapes, grazing animals, wildlife and acres of green fields, the Old Military Road in the Scottish Highlands is thought of has one of best drives in Europe due to its scenery and lack of other motorists. The road takes the tourist through the Cairngorms National Park, which gives access to some spectacular sights and scenes.

Old Military Road is also known for its slopes and curves, making an exhilarating drive for the motoring enthusiast.

San Bernardino Pass

The road starts in Castione, Switzerland. San Bernardino Pass is an estimated 50 km; it is known for its sheer variety, making it a treat for the eyes. There’s an immense amount of views to take in along the way, including the glaciers, Lake Castione, and amazing alpine backdrops. You may remember this route from a feature on BBC’s Top Gear show.

Route Napoleon

The route starts out in Grenoble, France and ends in Nice. This road is famed for its picturesque scenery and, as the name suggests, allows you to follow in the footsteps of one of history’s most colourful characters in Napoleon Bonaparte.

Along the way, the driver can experience the Alps and the Alps Maritime, and they’ll pass through many village and towns, including Corps and Col Bayard.

Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

Work began on the Atlantic Road in 1989 and it soon became a favourite driving route due to the outstanding scenery it offers. Also known as the Atlantic Ocean Road, the stretch of road measures more than eight kilometres, and it will take the driver pass the Norwegian Sea with its crystal clear blue waters, as well as cliff views and striking greenery.

Atlanterhavsveien is a popular area with fisherman and nature lovers, and the architecture of its bridges has also helped to gain this scenic route many admirers.

Transfagarasan, Romania

This road has been named as one of the most scenic routes in Europe by Wonderlist. The mountain road will take the driver up more than in 2000 metres in altitude, affording them some stunning sites. Transfagarasan is an opportunity to witness some of Romania’s tallest mountains, and it is surrounded by glorious countryside as well – a true undervalued gem in a continent that is full of them.

Transfagarasan is also known for its viaducts and tunnels and there are a number of different tourist attractions to visit along the way including the Bâlea Lake and the Poienari Fortress.