If you’re looking for the best surfing spots in the Caribbean, lucky for you, there are many options. The Caribbean is an excellent location for beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfers. If you can’t wait for your next surfing holiday, we’ve compiled some of the best Caribbean resorts here for your consideration.

Dominican Republic

Professional surfers should consider the Dominican Republic as their island of choice, with many miles of coastline that offers year-round surf spots. In the southern part of the island, you can take part in longboard surfing as well as short-boarding. La Boya is a great location for all types of surf-related recreation, from beginner to advanced levels.


Beginner surfers will find Jamaica an ideal Caribbean island as there are numerous surf camps all over the coast. Whether you plan to venture out on your own or with your group of friends, the calm waters of Jamaica are easy to break into. For more serious surfers who are seeking higher waves, Boston Bay is well worth a visit as it’s the most popular surfing spot on the island.

British Virgin Islands

The surfing season on the British Virgin Islands starts from November and continues all the way through to March. The waves can reach as high as 6 feet during the autumn to spring months; however, the waters are flat the rest of the seasons and can’t be surfed at all. On the north coast of Tortola, world-class surfing is offered in white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. On the east, you’ll find more family-friendly islands, including Oahu, with waves reaching as high as 8 feet. Every Sunday, families come to Josiah’s Bay for day-long surfing parties and dancing with the locals. If you’re planning a surfing trip with your family to the British Virgin Islands, be sure to have travel insurance and plan your vacation in advance. Make sure the policy you choose includes medical cover (in case you hurt yourself). Another important reminder is to plan your budget as this particular island in the Caribbean is the priciest out of all of them. But overall, when the weather conditions are right, BVI is an excellent location for surf lovers.


Bahamas is an often overlooked surfing destination, but over the last few years, the number of surfers visiting the beautiful islands of Bahamas has increased. If you are seeking a consistently warm paradise, even during the winter months, then Bahamas is the perfect surfing destination for you. It holds huge wave potential, and there are lots of beaches that are yet to be discovered. To truly explore all the islands, you’ll require a boat and a local guide. Although the Bahamas is a year-round surfing island, once the hurricane season gets underway, you will see large and powerful waves during October and November months. Once autumn is over, the surf spots of Bahamas (mainly the Abacos and Eleuthera islands) become filled with tourists and pro surfers.