Ever since the economic crash in 2008, it’s been mostly doom and gloom for the UK economy, especially in the capital. Prices have inflated, wages have stayed the same and the housing bubble refuses to burst. Prices for trains continue to rise, you’ll be 50 before you can buy a house and you’re forking out over a fiver for a pint without batting an eye lid. As firm believers in a fantastic deal, Voucherbox.co.uk have conducted new research to prove that’s it’s not all bad. The money-saving voucher website have researched ten things that are significantly cheaper now in London and the rest of the UK than they were ten years ago.

Black cab vs. Uber

Back in 2006, a mini cab from Twickenham to Gatwick Airport would have cost £70 with a mini cab. Now with Uber pushing prices down, the same journey would cost £61.

Eyebrow threading

Back in the day, the only place to get your eyebrows threaded in London was Harvey Nicks for an eye-watering £38 a pop. Now you can get your eyebrows shaped professionally in hundreds of venues around the UK for around £5.

The gym

In the last few years the budget gym has really taken off. With people tired of spending £70 a month on a sauna they never use, the likes of Pure Gym and The Gym Group have drastically lowered the price of a monthly membership.

A membership at LA Fitness back in 2006 cost £41.94 a month. Now with each LA Fitness taken over by Pure Gym it costs on average £19.99. Bargain. You can get even more of a bargain with Pure Gym vouchers from Voucherbox too.

Consumer electronics

One thing that has consistently plummeted in price over the last ten years are consumer electronics. Anything from kettles to TV’s to laptops have continued to be more affordable and higher quality. These days you can buy a 50 inch Panasonic TV for £749 – significantly less expensive than the average £3300 ten years ago.

This isn’t all – take a look at the below infographic to see what else is greater value in 2016…

What's cheaper infographic copy