They are two fabulous cities in two fabulous states being on the border of each other. If you are fond of French culture and Cote d’-Azur in particular, if you want to understand what is special about these places and why they attract so much both common and outstanding visitors throughout the year, then you should visit them in one go and feel this contrast.

The distance between Monaco and Nice makes only 20 km and it takes just about 45 minutes travelling by bus here or just 7 minutes by helicopter to get from one city to another.


Nice is calm and slow and here nothing is too far. The airport is situated just in the city and taking off you can enjoy the splendid view. Its old part is badly atmospheric with its Cue cours Saleya – market square with a food and flowers being sold and with its flea market for those who are mad about the antique. Here the inhabitants are proud of ancient streets, houses and traditions, which have almost not changed since the 18-th century. You can see for yourself exploring narrow lanes, tight streets, small boutiques and cafes crowded with people.


There are several architectural pearls in this part of city like Cathédrale Ste-Réparate, luxurious Chapelle de la Miséricorde, seventeenth-century Palais Lascaris. To get a panoramic view of the city you should reach the summit of Castle Hill, from which you can see Promenade des Anglais and the Port. At the top there are small cafes, where everybody is offered to have a cup of coffee. Also you simply must not refuse walking along Promenade des Anglais for example at sunset. This palm-lined alley is a fine place for rest on benches or in sea-blue chairs situated along it.

In general the weather is mild in Nice making it perfect for strolling. If you prefer to go sightseeing by car, there is an opportunity to rent it in the center or even at the airport and see more of the surroundings through its windows, which are full of unexpected discovery. You can make a stop wherever you want and enjoy new experience in perched villages, numerous natural parks, and mountains. You should mind the free style of driving of fast-moving French chauffeurs and be careful on the road.

As to cuisine you can find here a range of marvelous local restaurants being small family business though in Nice there are really expensive upscale restaurants as well. For example, Chantecler with two Michelin stars boggles the mind with its interior and fine dining. You will taste here dishes of traditional French cuisine in Occitan style. L’Ane Rouge is famous with its seafood and Mediterranean atmosphere. Still if you just want to have a bite without spending too much Les Caves du Bubbles is glad to offer free places in the evening, tasty risotto and good wine choice including Rose ones so popular in Provence. We can continue speaking volumes about Nice, but here we will be done with it and turn to Monaco.

In this mini-state nothing is too far just like in Nice and another common feature is aggressive drivers. The similarity stops here! Even drivers of the extremely expensive cars move faster breaking the rules more often perhaps because a tone of the Monaco Grand Prix prevails here.


The most important place of Monaco-Ville is the Prince’s Palace, erected in the late 13th century and since that time it has been the residence of the Grimaldi family. Monte Carlo has its central quarter of the principality of Monaco where the gorgeous casino noted throughout the world is situated. Here the rich and famous play tempting fate and enjoy gambling. If you cannot join them right now you can feel what they feel visiting the web site –, where you can master your gambling skills making you ready to play as a High Roller in the Monte Carlo Casino.

Besides, this state is famous for big and gorgeous yachts, extremely expensive dwelling and strong concentration of representatives of upper crust world. This is the real haven on the Mediterranean coast open to common people too. Everybody can walk along famous streets, visit Casino, and have a bite in restaurants with high but still available prices even without a gold credit card. In the town area a traveler can enjoy visiting the Opera House, the cathedral, where there is a grave site of Princess Grace, strolling over little neat streets and harbour. In Monte Carlo there are well-kept green public gardens like the clifftop garden.

Of course there are a lot of hotels in Monte Carlo, but if your budget is not limited, the first place to stay is luxurious Hotel Metropole built in 1889 lined with statues in classical style and cypress trees. The local restaurant has two Michelin stars and a marvelous bar with delicious hot chocolate. Within framework of its new makeover Karl Lagerfeld creates the modern stylish and unique design of the pool in this hotel. Metropole is situated next to the Grand Casino and the Carre d’Or.

In order to have unforgettable dinner you should try restaurant LOUIS XV with two Michel stars – one of the best places in France not only in Monaco. It is placed in the Hotel de Paris at the heart of the state and offers Mediterranean cuisine. It is richly decorated with gold and reminds Versailles. Having rendezvous you are expected to visit Café de Paris with interior in the style of Belle Epoque and fine cuisine. You should remember that the national drink is champagne in Monaco so follow the crowd and try it here on every affordable occasion.

So giving you a general idea of these marvelous places situated on Cote d’-Azur, we set our eyes on a gap as to conditions and environment for having the best ever rest. Those, who prefer quiet simple place but still stylish and chic with a lot of ancient settlements around intended for tourists, should regard Nice as the main place to stay on vacation. Those who are ready to spend a lot of money and want to breath in the air of fascinating success meaning both the history of the state and life experience of outstanding people who live here or come to have a rest, are highly recommended to select Monaco.