The beautiful Alps region offers one of the planet’s most scenic places to take unforgettable photos. Could this be the spot where you finally take the selfies of your dreams?

There are plenty of reasons for believing that you will take a ski selfie to be proud of while you are here. The following are some of the top points to bear in mind when considering why you will be able to capture some of your best selfies ever in the Alps.

The Amazing Scenery

Of course, the first point we need to look at is the incredible backdrop to your selfies that you can achieve here. What a difference it makes to your photos when the scenery behind you is so jaw-droppingly stunning to look at.

The Alps mountain range makes up one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, or indeed the world. Giant peaks such as Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa are all stunning to look at, while many other pretty mountains add to the lovely backdrop.

This is also a region that has rivers, lakes and gentle Alpine meadows in it. All of these different factors add up to give you many different opportunities to take a variety of selfies with interesting scenery behind you.

The Great Light

The strong sunlight shining over and through the mountains gives the Alps a very special kind of light. What this means is that it is a fine place to take some incredibly clear and vibrant photos.

If you are taking away a good quality camera then you will be delighted at the standard of photos that you can take here. Of course, you will want to make sure that you take good care of it on the trip.

However, even a fairly standard camera can provide excellent selfies here on a bright and beautiful day. You don’t really need to be a photography expert or to use any fancy filters in order to capture the natural peace and beauty of this wonderful location.

Perfect for a Group Holiday

Perhaps what you really want is to take a great picture when you are enjoying yourself on a trip with your friends or family. In this case, the Alps is still a highly recommended place to do it.

This is because it is a fine destination for a group trip. Going skiing with a group of friends is amazing, while the summer months offer adventurous sports activities that are perfect for fun-loving friends to enjoy together.

If you want an action-packed skiing trip with a group then you can all stay in a chalet, eat together and really feel the magic of this place. The likes of iGOSki is a good place to look at what kind of group booking deals you can find online.

If you are away on the trip of a lifetime with some special people then what better way to remember it than by snapping a relaxed and informal group selfie? This kind of spur of the moment photo could end up being one of your greatest treasures in the years to come.

The Lovely Towns

You don’t have to just restrict yourself to taking pictures out in the wilderness either. Many of the best looking resorts here also incredibly photogenic places that would look fantastic as the setting for your best ever selfies.

For example, a popular type of accommodation found here is in the typical Alpine chalet. These buildings look wonderful and if you can get the right angle then you can take a glorious selfie with your chalet right behind you.

You might have a pool or balcony in your accommodation to make it easier to find the perfect setting for a memorable selfie. Otherwise, there are plenty of friendly bars and restaurants with panoramic views that you can take advantage of.

Just a short wander around the resort you are staying in should be enough for you to find some great spots for a selfie or two. 

Take a Relaxed, Smiling Selfie


You certainly don’t want your selfies to show you looking miserable, do you? Instead, you will want to look at your happiest and most relaxed when you snap your pictures.

Well, where better to have a smile and a happy look on your face than in the Alps? This is the kind of travel destination where you will be able to feel the joy of living in everything that you do.

After a day or two of great food, incredible activities and complete relaxation you will feel all of the strains and stresses of normal life just slipping away. This is a terrific time to get out your camera and take a photo that shows you in your best possible light.

When you look back at the selfies from your Alps trip in the future it is sure to make you want to go back and do the whole thing all over again.