South Africa is a land of magic. The sun blazes down from a sky so bright that it looks as though the hand of a master has painted it. Great swathes of savannah and grassland stretch off into the distance, shimmering in the stifling heat of midday. The very air seems to be charged with electricity. It’s a place to make you feel alive, and one that will stay in your heart forever.

For those lucky enough to visit its scorched landscapes, and to see a burning sunset paint its skies a thousands shades of orange and red, here are three of the places that you need to visit…

#1: Boulders Beach

When most people envisage South Africa, they think of game-filled plains and scorched landscapes, but Boulders Beach is something else entirely. Located near Simon’s Town in False Bay, it is famed for its long swathes of white sand, crystalline seas, and 3,000-strong resident penguin colony. Its Foxy Beach boardwalk offers some of the best views of the surrounding areas and seascape, and makes a fantastic place to sit and watch out for the whales and dolphins that are known to swim just off shore. If you want to visit somewhere magical, then Boulders Beach is a must-see.


#2: Table Mountain

Not far from Boulders Beach lies the fabled Table Mountain, a stone leviathan that towers over the surrounding landscape. Standing at 3,560ft high, this strange natural icon is so-called because of its distinctive flat top. When the clouds and mist roll in, an ethereal tablecloth settles across the rock, diaphanous and unearthly. Legend tells that it is the dining place of ancient deities, but today tourists and locals alike are known to imitate the fable and picnic there themselves. Pack up some lunch, take a cable car ride to the top, and enjoy some of the most spectacular views you’ll ever see in your life.


#3: Cango Caves

Our third and final must-see destination offers a truly unique experience for the adventurous and the brave. Located deep underground, the Cango Caves nestle inside the towering Swartberg Mountains. Subterranean tours are available for the daring among you, offering the chance to explore an intricate network of 20 million year old corridors and chambers. Descending far into the solid limestone rock layer, you’ll discover hidden caverns rarely glimpsed by human eyes, leaving you with stories that will last a lifetime.


Embrace your daring side today, and start planning your own African adventure.