We live in a wonderful world where humans have developed to a stage where they can let their imaginations and love of the peculiar guide their hand when designing and creating art, from sculptures to paintings to marvelous inventions. One particular fascinating arena where imagination meets functionality is in architecture. So, in order to pay tribute to the architects and creative minds that have embraced the strange and spectacular; we have compiled a list of some of the most unique and, albeit, bizarre buildings from across the globe. 

Transparent House, Japan

One of the least traditional and most interesting homes we’ve come across is the transparent house in Tokyo, Japan. This wonderland like 914sqft clear home is inspired by ancient tree-dwelling ancestors and created by Sou Fujimoto Architects.

Could you live a zero privacy lifestyle?

Struttgart City Library, Germany

No it is not an iStore, but it is a beautiful library of modern design. It is a perfect cube and each of the outer walls aligns directly with the points on a compass. Inside it is a dream of sterile cubist minimalism, the vision of Korean architect and genius, Eun Young Yi.  Step straight into a sci-fi novel! 

Photo credit: Yi architects                                           Photo credit: Axel Brunst Photography

Biomusa, Panama

This place proves that the best museums not only contain art, but are works of art to be marveled independently. The Biomusa is really one of the weirdest, most mind bending yet gorgeous creations the world has ever seen. Somewhere between Matisse and Picasso, with a large dose of pop art, Frank Gehry created a new world wonder!

BioMuseo | © F Delventhal/Flickr

Icehotel, Sweden

I don’t know about you but the idea of staying in a hotel made entirely out of Ice sounds like the most magical thing an adult can ever do. Though it incredibly lasts all year, the Icehotel, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is re-created every November using ice and snow from, and around, the Torne River with new themes and suites designed every year, you can even see the northern lights! Talk about a unique hotel!

Borgund Stave Church, Norway

Know any Harry Potter fans or Viking enthusiasts? Well I will guarantee you they will go mental for this enchanting Stave church in Norway. Unlike the traditional wooden churches in Norway, the 800 year old Church is set upon a stone foundation with huge staves (posts) were slotted into the ground to form the main structure, and it’s still standing today! Be sure to look out for the carved portals and the carvings of dragon’s heads on the roof.

Rotating Tower, Dubai (UAE)

Dubai is a feast for the architectural sense, and no list of architectural oddities is complete without a skyscraper which defies the laws of physics! The Rotating Tower moves, changes shape and produces energy for itself! This 80 story building has 79 wind turbines between the floors and can even produce energy for surrounding building s- definitely a 21st century miracle.


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