So, your skiing season is coming to an end and you need to make sure that everything is suitably stored. Making the wrong move here could warp your skis, misshape your boots, and create a nasty, smelly surprise when you come to take everything out at the start of next season, so make sure you get everything right.

Your Skis

It’s best to have your skis tuned and serviced at the end of each ski trip or season. A professional ski shop will be able to grind the bases flat, repair any imperfections, sharpen up the edges, and apply wax. Make sure you tell them how long the skis won’t be in use so they can apply the right amount of wax. Store them in a proper ski bag, making sure that they rest in a neutral position with no pressure on a single point. Lying them down on a flat, level surface works best.

Your Boots

A good pair of boots are a godsend, so you’ll want to make sure that you treat them right. Start by removing the liners and making sure that the inside of the boot is completely dry. You should then make sure that the boots are stored in a proper boot bag that is placed somewhere warm and dry. Make sure you buckle them loosely so they don’t lose their shape.

Your Jacket

You might not be sure whether washing your ski jacket is for the best, but it is. Your jacket will have picked up all sorts of contaminants over your trip, especially during a longer one. Just make sure you read through the instructions provided to ensure that you can provide a proper wash, then hang the jacket in a cupboard to make sure it gets plenty of air during the off-season.

Your Base Layers

It goes without saying that you’ll need to wash your thermals, but people often forget about other items such as face masks, neck warmers and hats. As these items sit directly against the skin, they end up absorbing a huge amount of sweat over your ski trip. Make sure you wash and deodorize them before putting them away.