If you’re buying Houston jewelry, specifically an engagement ring in Houston, the pressure is on. The lady in your life will want the ring of her dreams, and it is your responsibility to make this happen. Here are some tips to ensure that you at least have the very best chance of ensuring that your purchase is one that doesn’t earn a slap in the face, or worse, a cancelled wedding.

Talk to other people. This part is really important. If you are intent on surprising your wife to be with a ring, then you should at least consult with other people. The best people to talk to are male friends who have already been through this part of the process and can offer you advice. Even if they show you their wife’s engagement ring and therefore show you a good example of what a good ring is, it all helps to make the final purchase a little easier. The more you talk to people, the better, and the very best person to talk to when considering buying an engagement ring for the special lady in your life is most definitely her mother. If you can strike up a conversation with her and work out what her mother is thinking about the whole thing, you will have an excellent chance of at least understanding some more about what her daughter will most probably like.

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Other people that can probably give you a good idea on what she wants are her friends. Tread carefully here because her friends are of course very close to her and if you say something that makes you look a little uncaring, for example, or just plain stupid, she will hear about it. Take advice from them and ask them what she would probably want when it comes to an engagement ring. They will know her tastes very well and she will have most definitely spoken to them about her preferences for a ring. They might also know if she has any preference as to the gemstone as there are many alternatives to diamond out there such as the ones that can be found at Gema & Co.

Finally, be ready to spend a lot of money. There is an old school of thought that says you have to spend three months of your salary on her ring. This is not the accepted way of doing things now, but you should be ready to spend a sizeable amount of money. Wedding rings don’t often cost anywhere near as much, and it is the engagement ring that tells the world about the marriage to come, and it should absolutely be what she wants and also of a very high quality.

Save up some money, if you have to take out a loan to pay for the very best ring you can find, then do so. It may not be worth getting into heavy debt for, but your wife to be deserves a ring that will rock her world. So you will need to think about this accordingly when it comes to setting a budget for it.