There are plenty of reasons to head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, especially if you’re inspired by the outdoors and love to exercise.  However, the incredible sights also bring out the artistic side in many visitors and locals.  There’s an incredible art scene taking place in Jackson Hole, and if you’re planning on coming out, you’ll want to plan ahead so you get a chance to see all that the area’s artists have to offer.

Diehl Gallery

The gallery has an eclectic collection of artists from around the country and entire world.  LA-based sculptor, Gwynn Murrill is represented as well as Kate Hunt, who draws inspiration from NASA photographs.  Of course, local artists are represented, as the curators try to mix the offerings for one-time and repeat attendants.

Trailside Galleries

When this gallery first opened in the 1960s, it was the first of its kind in the area.  Today, it has multiple branches, one in Jackson Hole and another in Scottsdale.  If you’re especially interested and curious about western and wildlife art, you have to go.  Its artists also co-organize the annual Jackson Hole Art Auction.


Altamira Gallery

Altamira is known for being not adhering to strict, contemporary demands.  Here, you’ll find a nice mixture of old and new.  If you love contemporary western art, you’ll be dazzled by artists like Tom Gilleon, Jared Sanders, Travis Walker, and others who have a great reputation within the valley.

Heather James Fine Art

As if the curator put a number of artists and genres in a blender, opened the top, and let the works fall wherever, you’ll find mixed media pieces set beside Impressionist painters.  Additionally, enjoy American-based artists, Post-War favorites, as well as some of the finest contemporary artists.

Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Some of the most brilliant contemporary works are hosted in the Tayloe Piggott Gallery.  See works by Robert Motherwell, Paul Villinski, and Tadaaki Kuwayama.  In addition to paintings and other forms of media, there is a great ensemble of jewelry here.


Boyers Indian Arts and Crafts

Located a short distance from Jackson Hole lodging, Boyers is one of the oldest family businesses in the town.  Opened in 1962 as a rod and reel store, one partner sold fishing trips and tackle while the other offered Indian jewelry.  Owned and operated by the original owner’s son, John, it has become a Jackson Hole institution.

Fall Arts Festival

With a high number of sporting events taking place in the winter, it’s nice to balance sport with culture in the fall. Thousands of enthusiasts head to the festival each year to peer at the works of regional, national, and international artists.  Along with more than a good share of art, the festival hosts music, cuisine, and plenty of libations.

Horizon Fine Art Gallery

If you’re expecting to find “typical” works at Horizon, you’re in for a surprise.  This gallery has a unique mixture of international and regional art pieces.  Featuring paintings, photography, sculptures, jewelry, woodworks, and furnishings, it’s unparalleled by other collections in the area.  It’s located a half block from Jackson Hole’s Town Square.

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