With more than two million visitors last year, London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whilst this is by no means a bad thing, it does have a downside; it’s also ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Hostels and hotels that offer cheap accommodation aren’t easily available, which is why it’s best to search for alternative options that save you money without cutting corners.

A serviced apartment is a great option to go for. Here, you receive a fully managed flat that is either owned privately or by a company. They are similar to conventional apartments and are available in different sizes, with some even offering additional amenities and luxuries, such as a gorgeous view of the London skyline, a spa, or a hot tub. You can visit http://www.refreshapts.com/london-apartments and explore the many different serviced apartments that they have on offer; however, before you do, here are a few reasons why you should consider staying at a serviced apartment for the duration of your trip in London.

Convenient Locations

Most serviced apartments are located in the heart of the action. Compared to the cheaper hotels, which are often located out in the suburbs of London, you will end up saving a considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on transport. Also, if you’re only staying in the capital for a short break, you don’t want to be spending most of your time moving from A to B. You want to be in the thick of it, enjoying the buzz of the city and seeing the wonderful sights.


Most people think that serviced apartments are generally quite expensive. This isn’t true at all. Many companies that manage and rent out serviced apartments generally charge very reasonable rates, especially when you consider the amenities on offer. More often or not, for the same price as a hotel, you receive a fully furnished apartment with you own kitchen and living area. Serviced apartments are great value for money; they offer much more for much less.

Perfect for Families

If you are travelling with a family, staying at a hotel isn’t always the best idea. In order to save money, many people often book a single room and pack everyone in. Whilst this may reduce costs, it doesn’t enhance the getaway experience. Comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing accommodation, which is why it’s much more sensible to opt for a serviced apartment; it’s like having a home away from home, perfect for families.

Why not make your booking online and give it a go? You won’t regret it.