Most travellers whose itchy feet just can’t be cured by the occasional holiday getaway inevitably endeavour to try and find a way to travel more regularly. The implications of this undertaking leads to a desire to try and find a way to earn a living while on the road, such as using the internet as a tool to source your work and to complete the work you source online. Working online and subsequently affording yourself that luxury of travelling has its own set of challenges however, one of which is actually figuring out exactly what it is you’re going to be doing to earn money. While options are seemingly aplenty, it can prove to be rather difficult to find a consistent source of income which you can effectively work on in bits-and-pieces as you go along. Sifting through the junk is fast becoming something of an art, but it is indeed something which can be mastered so that you can actually learn something valuable online. You just have to know where and how to look.

Useful Information Sources

It’s no secret that a lot of information you’ll find online is recycled and written by people who essentially re-write what they themselves find online. This is not to say the information compiled in this way isn’t useful at all, but you’ll have to get through a lot of junk and filter out all the information that’s purely published for commercial purposes. This is even more important if you’re looking to learn skills that are essential to your ability to keep earning your living online, like perhaps if you’re a graphic designer, web developer, etc. It can be done quite effectively by browsing beyond the first results page of the search engines and looking much deeper into the results. This way you’ll sift through a lot of content that was mostly just optimised for search engine rankings and ultimately just leads you to something you’ll have to buy. While some specialised and technical information is worth buying however, particularly in the form of e-books, where you’re likely to find the most useful sources of information is on specialty blogs, university papers and notes, free (or paid) e-books, and online tutorials.

Demo Accounts and Signup Bonuses

Even if you do manage to sift through all the adverts, junk and online timewasters, the best way to learn how to do some things online is only through practical experience. If you’re looking to learn how to play bingo like a pro, for example, no amount of reading and re-reading the rules will turn you into an expert player. You have to play the game in order to get a real feel for it in action and develop your skills practically in that way. Click here for bingo games you can play safely while you’re still finding your feet and learning the ropes. Platforms like these are ideal for learning a new skill online because they usually offer some free credits you can always use to get a feel for how it is to play with real money.