When you’re out on vacation, one of the things that you’ll probably doing a lot of is shopping. And you might have an idea for fashion, or simply intrigue, when it comes to purchasing clothing or even just accessories.

But, depending on where you are – urban areas vs. exotic locations, for example – you’re going to have to do a little bit of sleuthing to know what clothes are associated with authentic brands, and which are knockoffs. Consider things like sports brands, top tier brands, one-offs at events, learning how to spot fakes, and staying on budget while being smart about all of these things.

Sports Brands

If you want to buy classic brands like Adidas, there are countless retailers all around the world that have them legitimately. In fact, many sports brands in particular give you an extra impetus to look for their clothing lines when you’re out vacationing because not all of their stock gets shipped all around the world. You can truly find unique pieces of clothing in one area vs. another, which means that buying sports gear at different vacation spots is awesome for people who want to come home and look unique.

Top Tier Brands

If you are looking to buy top tier brands of fashion accessories, overseas journeys are a great place to do this as well. Outside of some of the mainstream shops, you can get great deals on all sorts of fascinating things like purses and jackets, and depending on the country you’re in, even things like the exchange rate are going to work in your favor. Just be sure that you know how to spot the fakes, as described in the paragraph below.

One-Offs at Events

Of course, on another side of fashionable brands exists the more personalized versions. For instance, if you’re at certain events like concerts or art festivals, you can literally buy clothing that’s made for you on the spot. You may end up paying a bit more for these, but you’ll know that there’s only one in existence when you wear it!

Spotting Fakes

If you do want to stay true to authentic branding opportunities, it’s extremely important that you know how to spot fakes. Every major, expensive brand is going to have copycats. Part of learning to spot fakes is the fun that’s involved, as well as it being smart that you don’t get ripped off by purchasing a fake Rolex.

Staying On Budget

Whether the brands you like are expensive or inexpensive, you always want to make sure, especially if you’re traveling, that you stay on budget with regard to all of your spending. Paying too much for clothes while you’re out on a journey somewhere is an easy way to come back feeling like you’re broke!