The island of Malta is famous for its clear waters, and over the last couple of decades it’s become a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts. There are numerous dive points around the island, ranging from gentle reefs for beginners to challenging cave dives for the more experienced diver. There are also several off-shore dive points, offering access to world class wreck diving and incredible marine life.

One of the more popular places for divers to base themselves is Qawra. Alongside the high standard of dive sites there’s excellent accommodation, vibrant nightlife and various restaurants and shops. It’s the perfect place to combine scuba diving with a relaxing sun holiday, and has a growing reputation in the diving community.

Qawra Point

Situated right next to St Paul’s Bay, Qawra Point is an ideal location for divers of all experience levels. There’s a large inshore area which is great for learning the ropes or finishing off a dive, and the cave leads to a small inland sea. There are also a several 30m+ plus dives for those with a little more experience.

The beginner’s dive is only around 6m in depth, initially carrying you around the bay to the cave and the inland sea. The cave is often filled with glass fish, while a section of the inland sea is rich in coral and other marine life – perfect for taking those photos for Facebook!

There are dozens of quality shore dives around Malta for all levels diver, with different routes focusing on marine life, wrecks and reefs. There’s a great list of locations on the Visit Malta site if you’re looking for ideas.

Qawra Point Dives


Marine Life

The Maltese coast is rich in marine life, and the clear blue waters make it the ideal location for spotting some interesting creatures. Coastal divers are likely to bump in to parrot fish, stingrays, flying fish, octopi and squid, while in winter there’s the occasional dolphin looking for fish closer to the shore.

Marine Life Resources


If you’ve never been scuba diving before and are keen to learn, Malta is an ideal location. Alongside the outstanding visibility underwater, there are no tides and currents are rare so it’s perfect for people to learn the ropes in a safe environment.

The majority of dive schools will offer introductory courses which typically last for a couple of hours. These will teach you how to breathe using the equipment and will involve a brief dive in shallow waters.

Once you’re comfortable with the equipment, many of the dive schools offer PADI certification. This usually involves several days of training and multiple dives, so it will likely form the majority of your holiday if you decide to get certified.

Dive Schools Offering PADI Courses

Malta is the ideal destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. Accommodation is affordable, the weather is great year-round and there are dozens of dive points which can be explored, no matter your experience level. If you’re looking to become a certified diver or simply want to dip your toe in the water, Malta is the perfect place.