There are a number of iconic routes that you can follow if you want a road trip adventure to remember, but Route 66 is probably the most iconic journey of them all.

Your main priority when planning to spend some time behind the wheel is to try and avoid a car accident, or you may require the services of someone like Kramer Law PC. When it comes to planning how to get your kicks on Route 66, here are highlights to look out for.

More than just a road

In principle, Route 66 is just a very long road, but no one thinks of this iconic route in those simplistic terms, as it is often viewed as the very embodiment of what the American Dream is all about.

It is amazing to think that this road, which is 90 years old, is still considered by many travelers to be the ultimate road trip, and this is a journey that you just have to include on your bucket list, as it still manages to seduce those who want to experience the sort of freedom that this highway always promises to deliver.

Traveling through time

There are a number of different ways to feel like you are traveling through time when you take a road trip on Route 66.

The first way is in the literal sense, as the epic stretch of highway that covers just short of 2,500 miles takes you through eight different states and three time zones, all of which begins in the Windy City, Chicago.

Not only do you experience different time zones, but there are stretches of the road that still make you feel that you are entering a different era, which is an integral part of the universal appeal of Route 66.

What a reward at the end of your journey

There is arguably no better reward for covering the entire length of Route 66, than the sound of the Pacific Ocean as you reflect on your epic journey while standing on the end of Santa Monica Pier.

This alluring and enchanting venue in an upmarket district of Los Angeles is your reward for completing the route and few would argue that it is indeed a very fitting finale. If you want to tick all of the ultimate road trip boxes, you just have to have a photo of you on Santa Monica Pier to commemorate the fact that you have completed what many consider to be the ultimate road trip.

Ghosts from the past

Time stands still for no one and Route 66 is testament to the fact that even iconic routes get an upgrade.

The arrival of the superhighway consigned a number of small U.S towns to history, as they relied on Route 66 for their living. To stay true to the roots of this iconic road trip, you will pass through some ghost towns in the form of Newkirk in New Mexico and Glenrio in Texas, to name a couple.

It is very eerie to encounter these ghosts from a previous generation, but that is all part of the authentic Route 66 experience.

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