When searching out a rehabilitation center, there are many factors to consider. The strength of the program and the success rates and stories that come out of that particular rehab center are definitely important, but the other factors involved can determine whether that place is right for you or your loved one.

The rehab process for the individual involved is going to be a challenging time in their life. If they’re already going to be facing their demons and spending months detoxifying and restructuring their lives, isn’t it best they do it in a center that is located in a place that is going to bring them happiness in what it provides and also keeps them in a place that is close to civilization and doesn’t make them feel alienated from the world they’ve always known?

For that reason, the person who loves tropical climates and is used to the atmosphere that places like California brings need to stay in those areas as to not completely separate them from everything they’ve ever known. To those seeking drug and alcohol treatment, rehab centers in Malibu are a prime place to start looking. Here’s why:

The Sun Helps Stabilize Emotions

People who live in areas where the sun is rarely out, or only seen during specific seasons of the year often come down with seasonal depression. The lack of Vitamin D in the body affects the level at which a body can function. More sun equals more Vitamin D, and more Vitamin D makes it less likely to come down with depression.

Depression often makes people turn to substances to solve that problem. Many drug problems can actually be primarily linked to depression over any other cause. A person who is already facing drug and alcohol problems will be better off in a sunny climate where their recovery can be aided by the natural healing properties of the sun.

Water is Therapeutic

For centuries, people have loved the sound of water moving. Whether that be rain, the sound of the roaring ocean waves, or the pounding of a waterfall or fountain, water is therapeutic. It’s also not bound to these descriptions.

For a recovering addict, it’s best to put them in a place that will aid in their recovery in many different aspects. Malibu rehab centers offer an unlimited chance to use water to the benefit of clients.

The ocean is your backyard. California is also a hotspot for anything a person could ever want. Whether that be top of the line spas, gardens with endless fountains, or beaches secluded from passersby, water is the elixir of life and the closer a person is to it, the better off they are.