Where the places you wish to go once in life? Paris? New York? Mykonos? The Maldives? Where? Well, to many people it is the city of Big Ben – London. Here, we will tell you reasons why you must come over to London once in your life and save up for that one fancy trip to the UK.

Top reasons to visit London

Check out the most relevant reasons why many people wish to come to London:

  1. The Queen’s city

The age-old history of London is the most common reason why people wish to come here. Queen Elizabeth II is arguably the most glorified reigning monarch who has been in power for 65 years in the Buckingham Palace. Locals and tourists can come over to The Mall road to get a glimpse of this beautiful heritage.

  1. Uncountable pubs

London has more than 7,000 pubs where you can grab a drink from morning to night. You can’t miss out on their classic craft beer, gin, or the tonic of summer sunshine. You must explore the Beer Garden if you’re here during the summers. If you’re staying in North London, go over The Alboin.

  1. Food Paradise

British food is not old-fashioned or overrated – the way many people assume it to be. The UK has some of the amazing street food spots and budget restaurants. You can find the renowned ones with the help of UK Companies Customer Service and get their contact information. London represents global food trends and you must visit Exmouth Market for the most mouthwatering options.

  1. Spend Christmas here

People who don’t live countries that have a higher population of Christians might not have fancy Christmas celebrations. The UK is one of the preferred places for this celebration because of how pretty it looks. Many people prefer coming over here rather than the more famed New York City. Explore the Alpine markets to start the jolly season in the right way. Check out the displays at Hamleys and decorations down the Carnaby Street. Make sure you have a hearty English breakfast to start off the Christmas day and visit a church for a special mass.

  1. Go beach-hopping

If you’re planning to go beach-hopping connect with Uber contact number London to ride from one to another. London invites you to one of the most pleasant summers that you can have. You can start off with South Bank and then move towards the Brick Lane. Grab the deckchairs, cone of chips, and bask under the sun as you let the waters detox your mind and body.

  1. City of artists

London has a history of inspirational artists whose work you can bring to life. Walk down the streets around Holborn to match it up with what Charles Dickens wrote in the 19th century. Cross a bridge over River Thames as TS Eliot explained the lives of workers in The Waste Land. Don’t forget to grab tickets for Shakespeare’s drama at the Elizabethan theatre and have a lifetime theatrical experience.

These are few of the reasons that make London an exceptional city where everyone must come over. If you love any one of these points, it is reason enough to visit the city once.