As per the law of travelers, if anything can go wrong it is when you are out on a vacation which is undoubtedly the worst time for striking a household calamity. Returning from your honeymoon or Mediterranean cruise or African Safari can certainly make you feel gloomy but when you return from a memorable journey and learn that something has really gone wrong at your home, that can be a devastating feeling. To make matters worse, an apartment or a house which is left empty when the owners are traveling can also be a tempting and luring opportunity for criminals. While we wouldn’t want to scare you, here are some preventive measures that you can take in order to safeguard your home from an unwanted disaster.

  1. It is sometimes good to interact with your neighbors and tell them that you’ll be away

Even though you might rarely speak to your neighbors, it is even more important to inform them that you will be away from home for a week’s time. In case you share a pleasant relationship with your neighbor, consider leaving a copy of your key during emergency. You can also leave your contact number so that they can let you know if need arises. Don’t share too many details about your trip on social media as unwanted people will also get notified.

  1. Motion sensors and light timers are tech gadgets that can protect your home

Offering the impression to people that your home is occupied by people is one of the best ways in which you can ward off theft. Choose a basic light timer at a hardware store and program the interiors so that the lights can flicker on for several hours every evening. You may even want to set your TV on. In case you still don’t have motion-sensitive lights, try installing them before you leave home.

  1. Lock up all the rooms carefully so that thieves can’t easily break into

This may sound as a very basic rule but there are people who still don’t follow this while leaving their homes. Remember all those less frequently used doors and windows that you should take care of. If you have roof windows with a loft ladder set, you should remove the ladders so that there is noone who could enter through the roof and break into your house.

  1. Maintain your daily home appearance to avoid any speculation

If you think you will be away for more than a week, you should try to set some neighbors who can bring back your garbage out of your home and place the bin back inside your home. Don’t allow your letters and mails to pile up on the porch and hence ask your postal service to hold mails for at least 30 days instead. You can fill out an online form and notify them.

Therefore, if you’re going to stay out for a week or more on a vacation, you should keep your home safe and secure. Follow the above mentioned tips and advices to get best results.