It’s a recurring dream for those of us wishing to escape the rat-race to enjoy a solid opportunity to be able to make some good money while travelling. I’m talking about the type of money which truly allows you to enjoy your travels without any limitations, otherwise we’re all aware of the challenges faced by wannabe digital nomads.

Whether you’re operating a business remotely or if you’re a freelancer who can work from anywhere where you can access the internet, some of the unique challenges which hinder the process of making money while out travelling are a bit too much of a constant to overcome. You might find it hard to build up some kind of working rhythm between checking into and out of airport terminals and hotels, in the same way that you might not be able to get some consistent business rolling in while you’re at some faraway place.

Create Your Income Stream before Travelling

Sign up to be an Uber driver and the approach to it I’m going to share with you is going to have you really living the life of a local digital nomad, allowing you to travel all around the country while making some good money and giving you the opportunity to explore those areas of your country you’ve perhaps always wanted to explore.

It doesn’t have to be something you do on a permanent basis – you can do it sporadically and it involves following some of the best Uber driving tips to enjoy exploring certain portions of the land at a time while earning money. So as an Uber driver, you hang around those areas which are popular with riders who might want to travel a bit further than the average rider or those who might want to travel to different cities altogether. It might require you to switch between driving your Uber and implementing other income generation techniques often used by digital nomads, such as making money online.

So you might just find yourself clicking away on your laptop in just another guesthouse you’re staying in, while your Uber registered car is parked outside and you’re getting ready to explore the next great local place. You can learn about the best time of the day to drive Uber and really maximise your earnings, perhaps on a flexible schedule where you concentrate all your Uber “work” during peak or surge periods and then enjoy a nice drive back home or to your next destination when you’re not working.

Most of the other options for trying to make money while you travel come with way too many challenges in their application while the idea of implementing them is often portrayed to be a lot more straight-forward than what the reality is. With ride-sharing services giving you the opportunity to make money as something like an Uber driver, at least you know that even if you’re essentially at work, you’re enjoying the ability to make money while you’re travelling in the true sense of the idea and in a practical manner with a proven track record of success.