You probably have a list of dream bucket list destinations that you’re dying to visit. So much so that there are times you procrastinate at your desk Googling far-flung lands of luxury, or spend a few minutes imagining yourself relaxing on a white sandy beach, surrounded by palm trees and sipping on a cocktail. So if money was no object and the possibilities were endless, where could you go?

Bora Bora

This small exotic island in the South Pacific looks like the images you find in a travel agent’s brochure. This leafy green paradise is surrounded by sugar white sands and bright turquoise lagoons. Hoards of A-listers, such as Jennifer Aniston, flock here every year and it’s not hard to understand why. The best way to holiday here is to stay in luxury accommodation that sits on stilts over the island’s crystal clear waters. Go scuba diving in the Coral Gardens, enjoy lazy days on the beach, or hire a boat and explore.



Famed for its opulence, grandeur and wealth, this ultra modern city is the ultimate destination for luxury. Home to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, and Burj al-Arab, the world’s tallest hotel, Dubai offers a holiday that is bigger and better than the rest. Treat yourself at shopping malls filled with designer brands, socialise with celebrities at Cirque du Soir (one of the city’s most popular bars), or go on a desert safari. There’s an endless list of possibilities and luxury activities in Dubai.

Koh Kut

Also known as Koh Kood, this group of small Thai islands remain almost untouched by tourism. You’ll still find the luxury resorts you would expect from a dream destination, but you can also experience a level of peace and tranquillity you can’t find anywhere else. This is the ultimate place to unwind and get away from the stresses of daily modern life. Take strolls along the beach, enjoy the sounds of the gentle waves and the local wildlife, or take a cooking class and sample true Thai cuisine.



This may seem a little odd when you look at the other exotic destinations, but Cornwall has its own special charm. With a rich history and culture, you can explore quaint villages, picturesque fishing ports and stretches of beautiful beaches. The staple of luxury UK staycations, Cornwall is also popular with celebrities, as Madonna and Kate Hudson have been spotted here. While it’s great to travel, save the money you’d spend on flights and pamper yourself in a boutique hotel, to enjoy a dream staycation.