How does one picture a vacation? Sunny, perhaps, breezy and refreshing, the chance to unwind from the rainy working days in the city.

Queenstown was rainy, windy and quite moldy, and it stayed that way for an entire week, a third of our planned trip. While not one to believe in ill omens and strange phone calls after seven days, optimism is the name of the game for me, so we still took this as an opportunity to kick back and find something to busy ourselves with.

Beneath the atmospheric pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof, we immediately realized that the sweater weather was going to take some time before it subsided, so we settled in and got to thinking: what IS there to do when it rains?


Old habits die hard, so we brought out a deck of cards and all manners of board (bored) games. It was pretty good- we were still technically in Queenstown, so by all accounts, playing Scrabble there was arguably more memorable than playing Scrabble at home. Once we got tired of that much physically demanding competition, we turned to our gadgets to pass the time.

Suitable music was played in the background with the typing of the keys as the rhythm section. Jotting down our so far experiences really helped in putting the trip into perspective. Despite the stormy weather, we were still quite excited for what lie ahead, and so we started making more plans of what we were going to do once the rain let up. We were terribly determined to capture the imagery of the trip, and so sketches were made, haiku’s were awfully written and excitement was abound.

Once our brains were thoroughly stormed, we turned to casual gaming to pass the time even further. It only required internet connection, our laptops and significantly less brain cells than our former activity. We found ourselves on this website for casual online games such as slots and casino related games, all quite easy to play and easy to access.


A rainy day and a cozy couch means strained eyes glued to the screen, given how addicting these games turned out to be. Competition was embarrassingly fierce, though we choose to attribute that to being in such an enclosed environment. To cut the story short, our online gaming spree was easy to get into, and difficult to get out of.

Needless to say, the time passed quite quickly after we figured out how to preoccupy ourselves. While we do regret not being able to spend the week out and about in one of New Zealand’s most dramatic backdrops, we still managed to do what we were hoping for when we planned to have a vacation: have fun.