…and it is SO getting added to my bucket list!

For those of you who have read our blog for a while, you’ll be well aware that my dream is to visit Tanzania, go on safari, see a pride of lions in the Serengeti (though one would be enough!), sleep in the bush, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and chill out on the islands of Zanzibar.

You’ll also be aware that Steve and I are quite different in our views on travelling, budgets and what qualifies as the ‘essentials’. One of us is happy to dig their own hole for a poop, survive on a diet of insects and sleep in a tree (OK, a slight exaggeration, I admit!), and the other can’t function without a good wifi connection, a half decent cup of coffee in the morning and powerful air-con. So when it comes to planning Tanzania, which we’re aiming to include towards the end of our year-long stint abroad, we clash a little.

Until now – for I have found us the very epitome of luxury in the heart of the Serengeti, meaning we can enjoy the incredible wildlife and stunning Africa scenery that Tanzania has to offer in absolute comfort.

It’s a win-win. And, what’s more, Steve is convinced too.

My Heart is Set On…Singita Sabora Tented Camp (even the name sounds wonderful!)


This is my ideal location, and where we’re aiming to be come July. Although not truly roughing it (or roughing it at all, really!) we’d still be sleeping in tents rather than in a hotel – think really classy glamping – which I think will add to the fun.


Staying at this camp we’d be surrounded by the beautiful plains of the Serengeti  – in the perfect position for seeing as much wildlife as possible. I don’t mean to hark on, but we all know number 1 on my bucket list is to see a lion in the wild, and if Steve and I can make it over there in July there is the strongest possibility my dream will come true, as Singita Sabora is in prime safari position for the migration of wildebeest in June and July. The camp offers daily game drives with experienced guides, so there’s ample opportunity for getting right out into the plains!


One thing I have kept hidden from Steve is that the camp also offers hit air balloon safaris (for an additional charge, understandably!) , and that this will be an Absolute Must on our itinerary! ‘Fraid he’ll just have to deal with his irrational fear of heights – he can’t miss out on that experience!

Other Little Luxuries


While Elegant Resorts offers a whole host of luxury accommodation options in Tanzania (and indeed, around the world!) we’re going to opt for this one as, while the tents are beautifully decorated and perfectly equipped for ensuring we won’t want for anything during our stay, it is, in words stolen from their website, “uncomplicated”, which suits both Steve and myself.

It does have a pool (perfect for reading besides), a library (the perfect place to find books for aforementioned pool) and a spa (because one level of relaxation and indulgence just isn’t enough!).

Having said all this, our trip to Tanzania is going to be entirely budget-dependent but, currently, it’s a real possibility, so I will leave you for now while I dare to dream some more…