Whilst Steve and I love swanning off on our travels around the world, we do like to make the most of what the wonderful UK has to offer. Whether it’s staying in a yurt in Snowdonia, lazing on a beach in Cornwall (in the warmer months, anyway!), stuffing my face with chocolate at Cadbury World, or ticking off our list of events that take place annually in Britain, such as the Hay-on-Wye book festival (come on! I am an English teacher!), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or, as in the case of last year for Steve’s 30th, the Formula 1 at Silverstone, we like to make the most of what’s happening in our own country just as much as when we’re abroad.

steve at f1

A happy Steve enjoying his 30th birthday present, courtesy of the best girlfriend in the world ;o)

And one thing I’ve never, admittedly, really considered as a great day out is a day at the races.

The Cheltenham Festival

This year, Steve and I have been invited to the Cheltenham Festival, taking place in March. Neither of us have ever been to watch horse racing before, so friends of ours who live in Cheltenham have decided to ensure we lose our horse-racing virginity and take us this year.  Bring it on!


I’m excited because, as well as making the day into a bloody good night out as well, I have the best excuse ever for investing in a new dress!

Being as I have practically zero knowledge of all things horse-racing related, I have done a bit of research to gain a little more insight into what to expect, and have found this pretty funky infographic I thought I’d share with you!

Who knows…perhaps it’ll inspire some of you to visit the Cheltenham Festival this year and I’ll be meeting up with you!