If you are travelling to France for a vacation, you might wonder what there is to see. What does this European country have to offer? If you do decide to take a trip to France then, there are many things you should know about the environment and culture. Everything in this country is small and will feel quaint to the experienced traveller. You should expect small villages and beautiful scenery in the southern part of the country. When planning your trip, make sure that you make time to travel around. The country might be quite small when compared to other European countries, but it has many things to see. Before you set off on your adventure, here is France in a nutshell.

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The Language And What To Know

The locals are not too keen on tourists. The best way that you can make the locals accept you is by attempting to speak the language. Before you go to France, you ought to make a point of learning some key phrases to use on vacation. It won’t matter whether you are fluent or just know a few words. The fact that you are trying to speak the language will mean so much to the locals.

Traveling And Getting There

You can travel to France three different ways. The first way is by ferry. You will still need to show your travel documents on a ferry, so make sure that you get them updated at Liverpool passport office. The second way is by the Eurostar, which is fast, yet expensive. People coming from further afield, though, will need to visit France by plane. There are many major airports in the region from which to choose.

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Must See Places And Sights

Whilst in France you should steer clear of Disneyland, even if you do happen to have children. Disney World in Florida is much bigger and better than the one in France. Rather than just visiting theme parks, you should opt to visit the more cultural side of the country. The locals adore art and literature, which means that there are many cultural things you can go and see whilst in the country. Take the time to make a list of the places you want to visit before you go. You will need to buy tickets in advance for some of the larger attractions.

What You Need To Know About The Culture

In France coffee is king. It may sound like a ridiculous stereotype, but why do you think that the stereotype exists? The people in France love a great cup of coffee. Be aware that the coffee you will buy in France will be more like an espresso than an Americano. You will need to prepare yourself for hot, strong drinks throughout your stay within the country. Food is also huge in France. French cuisine is the best style of food in the world and the locals take great pride in serving fresh, exquisite food on a daily basis. Whilst on the coast, you must try mussels in a garlic sauce as these are fresh and delicious.

Paris And Big City Charm

Paris is the heart of France and as such you should expect everything that you get in a typical capital city. The city is vast and expensive to stay in, but you must stay here for just a few days. There are many things to do within the capital. Culture vultures will have to visit The Louvre and take a peek at the Mona Lisa. You should also visit Notre Dame and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Southern France And Catalonia

The south of France is a stunning place to stay. You can expect countryside and beautiful views, whilst experiencing the authentic regions. Visit Perpignan, which is in both France and Catalonia. The city is not as large as Paris, yet still has much to see. As this region is so close to Spain, you will often find that the locals speak three languages. Many locals speak French, Spanish and Catalan. Make sure that you don’t make any comments about the political state of the region, though, as this is a sensitive topic.

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