Located in the southeastern part of the Europe, on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea on the Balkan Peninsula, the land of Doclea is a state with a rich history and national heritage behind it, stretching back for millenniums. It was first referenced as the land of the Roman Empire vassals, but in the 9th century, it became a part of the Serbian principality, and along with it, a part of the Byzantine Empire in the late 10th century.

The name derives from the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who was the founder of the first town of Doclea, and the name stick to this day. This was during the 3rd century and since then, the territory has been ravaged, conquered, ruled by many kings, monasteries were built and demolished, and it remained at the center of attention for many politic speculations and mysterious atrocities.


When it comes to the not so recent history, Montenegro was a part of the once great Yugoslavia, and the town of Budva was very popular among international stars, Hollywood actors and world famous singers. Sophia Loren for example, loved staying on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, and was a regular visitor of the Montenegrin region. After the war, which devastated all former republics of the Yugoslavia, the Montenegro soil remained untouched, but economically it was on the verge of annihilation.

Today, the land of Dukley was rediscovered by the US businessman and founder of the international investment group Stratex, Neil Emilfarb. For the past eight years, since 2007, at the peninsula of Zavala the Dukley Gardens grew, and now it is a luxury complex of 36 coastal villas, 202 apartments, and a limited number of penthouses available for purchase as a vacation residence, or if you are intending on moving in for good.

And why wouldn’t you? The Dukley Luxury Real Estate offers a view at the bay no matter which one of the many dwellings you choose, a private beach strictly reserved for the residents of the complex, and even if it is located in the Old Town of Budva, it is at the very center of the social life. But if you are in a need of privacy, the fact that this is a popular destination shouldn’t alarm you.

The Dukley Gardens is a gated community, which means that you can only enter if you are invited, or if you are the one of the residents. A smart home security system includes a total control over your property through your smart phone or a tablet, constant video surveillance and monitoring, with everything you might need inside the walls of the community!

Your personal pool, caretakers available around the clock, spa center, tennis court, community gym, and even a kindergarten for your young ones. This is truly a paradise on earth, and Mr. Neil has only begun! You can expect a hotel opening up the following year, with exclusive rights for the residents. There is even more to that story, but let’s leave it as a secret until the next summer.