Paris, France happens to be amongst the worlds leading traveler destinations. It’s where the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Versailles and such a great more are found. Paris is best described as a cosmopolitan township that is often mentioned as “City of Lights” & “City of Love.”  If you’re among those going on a tour of Paris, a bit of preparation could be of great help in ensuring that you’ve a secure and cheerful journey.

Below we’ll look at the way of preparing for a tour of Paris.


You must make an application for a passport in the home nation no less than 4 – 6 weeks ahead of your journey. For entering France, your passport has got to be legitimate for no less than 90 days following the departure date. You will most possibly require making a payment and put forward an application along with a snap & ID.

You are also likely to be able to make an application for an expedited passport that could take an approximate of 2 weeks to obtain, though costing more.

French VISA

Make an application for a French VISA, on being necessary. Inhabitants of USA and Mexico have no need for a visa in the event of them planning for a stay of below 90 days.

A number of European residents are likely to require a Visa C/ “Schengen Visa.” Residents of numerous nations who live outside Europe could require making a scheduled time with the home consulate for making an application for a visa.

Custom immunizations

Make certain that you’ve had custom immunizations. In spite of these not being strictly essential for France specifically, chickenpox, influenza, measles/ rubella/ mumps/ polio, and pertussis/ diphtheria/tetanus must be current ahead of visiting a different nation.  In the event of you being uncertain, you must check with your medical doctor or medical documentations.

Health insurance

Make your application for health insurance that is going to cover your journey, on being necessary. Despite the fact that the medical system of France is made public and responsive to tourists, it is an excellent idea to be certain that you’ve got the coverage in other nations and for the duration of your journey. For making an application for EHIC and know this form of insurance go over to this website.

Get yourself a converter

Purchase a converter in the event of you travelling to Paris from any nation that’s outside Europe. S good number of France makes use of 220 – 230 volts, although occasionally a number of plugs operate on 110 – 115 volts. Get yourself a universal converter that’s going to function on each of the plugs.

Arrive at a decision as to the way you plan in calling up your home nation from Paris. You can seek advice from your cell phone corporation to know whether they present service and for finding out their charges. You also have the option of getting a French telephone chip for putting in your existing phone, buying calling codes in the home country of yours, or buying calling cards on your arrival at France.

Other requirements

Make lodge reservations beforehand, particularly if you are planning to make the trip anytime between the 14th of July and the 31st of August, which is when numerous French people go for vacations. Purchase a Eurail pass/ additional train passes beforehand, if you propose to take trains to other nations. Check out the Rail Europe, Eurail, and Rail France sites online 6 months beforehand to know whether you can meet the criteria for money off on definite dates / for purchasing advance tickets. Gain knowledge of plain French idioms for well-mannered conversation, doing reservations and receiving directions. A French phrase paperback can help you a lot with this.