Which bike is right for you? First ask yourself some simple questions. Do you love those peaceful early morning rides before the cars fill up the streets? Or do you enjoy traversing nature and battling the elements? The type of bike you choose can reveal something about your personality, but also the type of stimulus that motivates you the most. What do you hope to gain from adopting a cycling lifestyle? Here are some tips to help you decide which bike may be best for you.


Do you like a flat, more seamless surface that does not roughen your trip? Do you like to feel the road beneath you and move up and down with it? The difference between the mountain bike and the road bike is the surface you ride on. While you may use a mountain bike to get from point A to point B, its fundamental use is for griping uneven surfaces. Road bikes on the other hand, are not for any surface other than the road. Road cyclists go for smooth speed, while mountain bikers trek and battle nature Click Here to find out more about Road Bikes.


Similar to the riding surface you prefer, is the grip of the tires. Mountain bikes have larger and deeper treads to grip to the ground as they go through trails. Road bikes have comparatively little grip in order to gain speed quickly and become more aerodynamic. While speed is still possible on a mountain bike, the priority for riders is the trek itself, and not necessarily the time and distance travelled. The mentality for road cyclists can often be more competitive because of the timing aspect; cyclists are competing against both their previous time, and their fellow riders, while mountain bikers compete against Mother Nature.

mountain biking


Do you like to look at your surroundings? While picturesque views are a vital aspect for every type of bike rider, what you may be looking at could change very quickly. Road cyclists ride next to trees, while mountain bikers ride on top of them, for lack of a better comparison. The views at the top: identical; the journey to get there: not so much. The type of bike you pick all depends on you. Mountain biking and road cycling offer different lifestyles and it’s up to you to decide what you like best.



Does the feel of the machine underneath you matter? Sure it does. Bikes become almost an extension of your body when you ride them. Road bikes are light and have a thin and airy quality that makes you feel weightless as you ride. Mountain bikes are thick and rugged; they are built for endurance and strong terrain. The equipment says as much about you as the ride does. Which seems more enticing?

Which bike is best for you? Well that all depends on you. But, who says you have to choose just one? Test them both and then decide. If you are still having trouble, stop into a specialist store such as 99 Bikes and talk to the staff about their experiences both on road and off to push you in the right direction.