Well I suppose the mere fact that it’s called medical tourism – with the added tourism aspect emphasised – already suggests that medical tourism can indeed make for quite a bit of fun as well. Despite the fact that your main order of the trip is indeed to get some sort of medical procedure done, by no means does it have to feel like those childhood-like visits to the doctor which we dreaded so much, despite the sucker-reward given to us for “being so good.”

Why Go Abroad in the First Place?

If you can take your pick from a range of home-based medical centres where you can get your required cosmetic surgery done, why would you even consider going abroad, right? Well there are a number of reasons to look towards places such as Romania to get some cosmetic work done, one of which is markedly increased affordability. You’d have to check with your chosen cosmetic surgeon for exact numbers and costs, but generally something like dental tourism in Romania is exactly that – a form of specialised medical tourism which incorporates all the other aspects of travelling into the main service. It becomes an entire experience which goes beyond just making an appointment with a dental surgeon and then going in for the surgery and going straight back home. The travelling aspect of it makes it more fun and because things are generally cheaper overall in a country like Romania as compared to say the UK, the all-inclusive trip which comes with the right choice in cosmetic surgery services can cost the same or even slightly less than what the same procedure on its own would cost back home.

Besides the affordability factor, there are plenty of other reasons why one might choose to have cosmetic surgery in Romania for instance, over trying to have cosmetic surgery done back home. One such reason is privacy in that some people generally don’t want word getting around that they may have had some work done, work which you justifiably deem necessary nonetheless. Despite the standard doctor-patient confidentiality practice which is as implicit as it is legally binding, it’s perhaps something you wouldn’t want to take a chance with. People would understandably prefer to separate the details of something like their cosmetic surgery needs from their regular medical needs which they ordinarily disclose to a figure such as a family GP, but besides all of that, wouldn’t it be really nice to have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and perhaps travel to Transylvania and experience all the added perks of medical tourism in Romania?

The standards pertaining to the actual procedures themselves are very high too, rivalling the very best that you can find anywhere in the world really, so it’s somewhat of a no-brainer, especially for those of us who’d take any chance to sneak in a memorable trip or two, if only to turn the medical procedure into more of an adventure or just to feed our undying wanderlust.