So it’s that night of the week, where all your mates have a free schedule and you’ve got some money to spend. Whatever will you do?



Before having a wild night out, make sure you are not running on an empty stomach. Sure, you are excited and would like to start the night with a bang, but if you haven’t eaten anything beforehand, you will most likely just go out with a pathetic fizzle. You don’t have to eat anything necessarily heavy, though chips will not exactly cut it.



London’s night life is lively, to say the least. For the loud pumping music and the beer goggle sporting citizens, there are a lot of clubs lining the metro.

Depending on what you are looking for, you will be completely spoiled for choice, as London has a huge selection of different types of clubs for different sorts of crowds. DSTRKT, for example, is more modern of a club with a stage for dancers and a sound system that will sock you with the bass. The guest list is filled with beautiful people, and they will only become more attractive as hours pass and drinks are imbibed.

Cafe de Paris, in contrast to DSTRKT, is has a classier and more vintage feel to it- it even has a huge balcony for guests to watch Friday’s shows from the top. A lot of movie scenes and TV shows were shot here, so if Hollywood is to go by, the place is very, very nice.



The boring part of having fun, yet the most important. Partying the night away without care can have some serious implications, and depending on your priorities, they can include losing your phone or losing a limb.

General rule of thumb is to pat yourself down or check your bag every half hour to see if all of your belongings haven’t magically disappeared. Doing this will help with two things: one, verify if you still have your stuff, and two, regain a little bit of focus and put the night into perspective. This is because you are spending some energy on a task outside of having fun, and so you are pulled down from your cloud for a little while.

Finally, it’s better to have an Uber take care of transportation instead of driving yourself. Be safe so you can have fun another night.