We travellers are always quick to look abroad when we consider going on that next trip, but 2017 may be the year in which we resolve to explore a little bit more of our own nation. It really doesn’t have to be expensive at all and one can in fact cover the UK in little bits and pieces by cycling across all the major cities.

Family-run cycling store Leisure Lakes Bikes analysed how long it would take to get to work cycling in the UK’s major cities and we can definitely use that to plan a cycling excursion across the nation, following the same routes those cyclists who want to get to work in a healthier, more physically challenging way would by ditching their motor cars, foregoing the public transport system and choosing to cycle instead.

Kicking things off in London, you’d take the A5201 from Royal London Hospital to King’s Cross Station and this route would only take you 27 minutes to complete.

If you fancy a cycling excursion through Birmingham, you only need to spare 23 minutes for a trip to Birmingham New Street Station from Cadbury World (via Pershore Rd/A441 and Bristol Rd/A38).

The typical cycling path covering Leeds would have you going from Kirkstall Abbey to Leeds Station and would only take 20 minutes via the A65.

If Glasgow’s roads tickle your fancy, cycle via Aikenheah Rd/A728 from Hampden Park to Glasgow Central Station and it’ll be a quick 16-minute ride.

In Sheffield you’d perhaps cycle to Sheffield Train Station from Meadowhall, taking 22 minutes via the A6109.

Bradford Interchange and Shipley town centre have the A6037 running between them, a trip which would take you 26 minutes by bicycle.

In Liverpool you’d perhaps take the A59 from Aintree Racecourse to Liverpool Lime Street Station, a trip that would take 29 minutes by bike.

The Edinburgh leg of your UK cycling excursion would take 27 minutes via the National Cycle Route 1 if you were headed to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station from Fort Kinnaird.

From Old Trafford football stadium to Piccadilly Station in Manchester, it would take you 22 minutes to cycle via the A56 and B6469.

Taking in the sights of Bristol by bike would be a 22 minute trip via the A38 if you were cycling from Woodspring Golf & Country Club to Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station.

The Cardiff leg of your UK cycling excursion from Radyr Golf Club to Cardiff Central Railway Station would be a 28 minute journey via National Cycle Route 8.

In Belfast, cycle along the A1 and National Cycle Route 9 and you’ll be at the Belfast Central Station in 18 minutes, travelling from Balmoral Golf Club.

A British cycling excursion would perhaps not be complete if it didn’t play out partly in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, during which leg of the journey you’d probably take the National Cycle Route 14 from Intu Metrocentre to Newcastle Central Station.

The trip would perhaps be best shared with a couple of friends and fellow travel-buddies, but since these stretches of cycling routes are ideal for cyclists heading to and from work, going it solo won’t hurt either.