Whilst visiting globally known attractions and landmarks in London such as Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Madame Tussauds will always be at the top of any visitor must-see list, there are many quirky and just as fun places to visit which aren’t always as obvious when looking in the guide books.

For those moving to London for a new job and wanting to explore their new city or those who have been working in the capital for a while, perhaps with a family as a housekeeper through http://supacare.co.uk/london-housekeeper-agency/ and want to expand their horizons, here are some unusual places to visit and to take friends and family when they come to see you.

Ride the rapids

The London 2012 Olympics has left a legacy of some great sporting venues. One of the more unusual places to spend a few hours is at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. It was created for the canoe events and is now open for the public to try this fast-moving sport as well as kayaking and white water rafting.  Once you have your paddling skills to a high enough standard, you can even take on the course used by the athletes at the games.

Make a splash

Don’t  worry about drying out too much from the experience on the waves as you’ll be needing your swimming costume for the next place to visit.

The King’s Cross Pond Club looks on first glance like a swimming pool – and indeed it is – but its designer created it as an art installation for the public to enjoy. It’s fresh water, 40 metres long and was designed to give those living in urban surroundings the opportunity to have a perspective on nature within a manmade landscape. There are changing rooms and a life guard always on site but it does get busy so be prepared to book in advance to see the natural flora and fauna develop and integrate to the industrial and commercial surroundings.

London sites known by the locals

There’s a very secret London where those born and brought up in the great city may know about – but it’s so well hidden it’s a surprise to even those who have lived in the Boroughs all their lives.

Life in London can be fast and at busy tourist sites you may feel that all you want is a little bit of tranquillity. Well, this is certainly achievable by visiting woodland wonders such as the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, the atmospheric Crypt Gallery underneath St. Pancras Church and the house at Stafford Terrace (nearest tube is High Street Kensington) which hasn’t changed since 1900. It’s a treasure trove of antiques and a glimpse into the luxurious middle class life of late Victorian and early Edwardian London.

Have a cocktail on the Underground

We’re not suggesting trying to mix a Singapore Sling on the Circle Line in the rush hour here; instead we want you to try out one of the coolest and quirkiest bars in London.

Cahoots is one of the hippest locations to be seen enjoying an evening and is located at Kingly Court, Soho. It  is designed and themed to look like and celebrate the London Underground and in particular during World War II.

The staff dress in 1940s outfits, the seating is made from fabric used by Transport for London and the stairway is inspired by the wooden escalators of decades gone by. It’s an incredible homage to the transport which makes London such a fantastic place to visit and the fact the setting is that of a station when it was being used as air raid shelter really does make this one of the  best watering holes in town.