Overall resort quality. Terrain variety and parks. Off-hill and after-ski activities. Whistler Blackcomb has been named North America’s best ski resort in every category. All topped with one of the longest snow seasons of any other North American resort. It’s no wonder that a skier can declare that they are ready to meet their Maker after seeing Whistler Blackcomb.

Snow School

Acclaimed as one of the best ski and snowboard schools on the North American continent, the Snow School at Whistler Blackcomb is worth a visit. Whether you’re a snowboarder who wants to try some new moves in a terrain park, or a new skier who is interested in practicing their skills along with communing with nature, there’s a snow school lesson here for you.

There all kinds of perks and twists to signing up for a lesson with the Snow School. Take private or group lessons from a trained professional who is also a skilled naturist. You’ll enjoy advance placement on lifts and narrated excursions of scenic trails and terrain parks. Other than the wide variety of lessons on skis or boards offered, you can also take a guided ski tour or learn advanced tips form an Olympic skier. You’ll find few other ski resorts or hills with similar options.

The Long Slope Home

This resort’s reputation is well-earned. Whistler Blackcomb is the biggest ski resort in North America, comparable only to Vail and dwarfing Aspen. The hills are cross-crossed by about 200 marked runs (and who knows how many unmarked ones), and spans more than 8000 acres of territory in total. A sophisticated transportation hub of gondolas and chair lifts connects both mountains from peak to village.

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola holds the record for being the longest and highest chairlift in the world and runs all year long to transport hikers, sightseers and mountain bikers. Thanks to this modern and fast transportation network, virtually every single one of the runs on Whistler Blackcomb is open to you no matter where you begin.

Alpine Real Estate

There are many lodging deals in Whistler for long term rentals as well as permanent purchases. Buyers can choose between either condominiums or homes and everything in between. Plus there is often the option to try before you buy.

Whistler Blackcomb has always been a place for those who love mountain living. Many have invested in homes and property here with the intention of making their ski vacation dream home a permanent reality. If skiing is the basis for your career or an intrinsic part of your lifestyle, it’s a worthy move to make.

Whistler Blackcomb is great for those who just want a taste of alpine living or for the avid alpine sport enthusiast. For a brief vacation or an extended visit, this is the hill that everyone who loves the outdoors, skier or not, has to see at least once. For those who have a deeper love of the environment and sport that has permanently seduced so many, Whistler Blackcomb is an essential experience.

Emilio Thompson is a ski enthusiast and a Whistler regular. He loves to share his passion for skiing and all it has to offer with an online audience. Emilio writes for several websites on a regular basis about his experiences and suggestions for fellow skiers.