Thailand has been one of the most popular destinations in the world for the last decade. While most tourists choose the Gulf of Thailand and all the beautiful islands within it, the Andaman Sea, off the west coast of Thailand also hides dozens of miraculous islands. The azure nuances of the open sea and emerald shades of shallow waters mark the Andaman Sea and its islands as one of the most appealing part of this beautiful country. And if you want to feel almost intact landscapes and unique beaches, your finger should stop the globe on Ko Lipe Island.

So near, so clear

It is not the main reason why you should visit Ko Lipe, but the fact that this island is only about 37mi away from the mainland makes it more convenient to visit. If you are traveling from Bangkok, the best option for getting to Ko Lipe is by plane. Nok Air and Air Asia fly from Bangkok and land either at the Hat Yai Airport or the Krabi Airport. From there you can take a bus to Puk Bara, which is the main marine hub from which boats and ferries leave for Ko Lipe. Many companies provide transport from Puk Bara and tourists should not have any problems getting from there to Ko Lipe.

Early bird catches the best bungalow


The high season in Ko Lipe is from November to May, with a peak in February. The whole charm of Ko Lipe and its beaches lies in its tiny size and a feeling of true nature it gives to its visitors. So, when planning to set off for Ko Lipe, be agile and try to book your accommodation as much as possible in advance. There are not too many hotels and suites on Ko Lipe, so it would be a shame to get to such a spectacular place and waste time and energy on searching for appropriate accommodation.

Swimming in the big blue

Although Luc Besson did not have Ko Lipe on his mind when he made The Big Blue, the beaches of Ko Lipe seem as if they had served as inspiration for the movie. Once you set for a swimming or diving in Ko Lipe, from Pattaya or Sunset Beach to the grand bleu, all the worries and vices of this world will be left behind you. The sea here shows off colors that go beyond words.


Pattaya Beach is placed in the south of the island and it offers all sorts of tourist-friendly amenities, as well as hotels, suites and other accommodation rentals.

The western part of the island is taken by Sunrise Beach and the area in the northwest hosts Sunset Beach. They are all within a walking distance and there are also numerous pathways across the island which can take you to some smaller and more secluded beaches.

Tips on wines and dines

Enough assets for wining and dining

Every tourist coming to Ko Lipe should have enough money to cover the stay, but there are cash machines available as well.

When going for traditional Thai cuisine, this food should be eaten gradually if you haven’t got accustomed to spicy meals. Ask only for bits of spices to see if you can stand them at all. Thai food ranges from spicy noodles, garlic and pepper shrimps to different kinds of salads, Masaman curry and many other traditional meals. Those who want to play it safe can find restaurants with European meals on their menus.

Ko Lipe has such a tranquil effect on people that it would be a shame not to relax in one of the beach bars on Ko Lipe beaches. Lying in a hammock, observing the azure-emerald sea and reading a book while sipping a cocktail, Cha Yen (Thai iced tea) or traditional Thai Cafe Boran is what Ko Lipe is all about; of course, with occasional swims and dives.

Ko Lipe is a perfect place for those who want to see what Thailand used to look like and witness the fast-paced changes happening over there, while enjoying the exclusive natural beauties this island offers.