Travelling is one of the best and most life enriching experiences you can have, but passing through different time zones, sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses and long days flights can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. At home you get up for work at 6am, eat three set meals and use an indoor bike in spin class twice a week. Humans are habitual so it’s great to find a constant when you’re travelling.

Here are some clever ways to keep fit while you gallivant around the globe.

Outdoor Gyms

In countries that are blessed with much warmer climates than the UK, there are outdoor gyms. What’s better than experiencing the great outdoors while you exercise? This way, you don’t have to search for the best hiking and biking trails, you can simply work out in one convenient location.

CC image credit to Brisbane City Council

CC image credit to Brisbane City Council

There are outdoor gyms everywhere, from Muscle Beach in California and Lumphini Park, Bangkok, to Bondi Beach, Sydney and Parque do Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro.

Pack Gym Clothes

When you’re feeling jet lagged or have spent a night on the world’s most uncomfortable mattress, you probably won’t feel like exercising. But clever packing can help make you feel focussed and motivated. You can pack a range of clothes for different weathers so the weather is not the reason you don’t exercise. For example you can get cycling shorts and a sports bra, or a sweatshirt and some men or womens tracksuits.

CC image credit to Brendan C

CC image credit to Brendan C

When you travel, you always have to prioritise and pack wisely. There’s no point packing a sports bra, swim shorts or running shoes if you don’t use them. Pack your exercise clothes at the top of your backpack or suitcase, that way they’ll be the first thing you see every time you open your bag.

Avoid Transport

Rather than using the subway for one stop, or hopping on a bus to another part of town, consider doing a little exercise. Not only will this keep you fit, but you’ll get to experience more of your destination’s culture and atmosphere. Grab a map, locate the places you want to see and plan your walking routes. Alternatively, there are companies across the globe, such as Bike Rent USA, that offer cycle hire to keep you moving.

Try New Activities

Many destinations are renowned for a particular sport, form of exercise or dancing style. Trying out a new activity is a simple yet fun way to keep fit as you travel and will also add to your cultural experience.

If you’re going to America, consider taking a few American football classes. If you venture to Thailand, try the traditional Muay Thai fighting style. Or enrich your Mexican experience with traditional folk dancing.