Heading down to the coast always makes for a seriously fun day out, even for those who have lived by the sea all their lives. For the rest of us it’s always worth the drive down, whether it takes just two hours or less or indeed if you really have to make a road trip out of it. The fun to be had by the coast would normally take the rather clichéd form of a bit of swimming in the ocean and/or lazing around on the beach, or it may even entail a serious party under the sun as is the case with those al fresco hotspots in the like of Ibiza, Spain. For those who are into a little bit of a calmer way of enjoying their time by the coast, ever conscious of the evolutionary significance of the point where the sea meets the shore, how about formalising the fun with a fossil-themed coastal visit to Jurassic Coast where you can enjoy some fossil hunting? Lyme Bay Holidays have put together this infographic that will set the fun wheels into motion, in which you can learn about the types of fossils to lookout for.