Most people who are married are wishing for a baby but these days a growing concern among happy couples is infertility. Infertility is defined as 12 months of fruitless conception for women under the age of 35. For women who have crossed 35 years, this decreases to 6 months of failed conception. Women with irregular menstruation cycles or with a problem with ovulation should take into account evaluation and treatment soon as they identify this issue. Among 60 million women who have reached their reproductive age, around 1.2 million or 3% had taken a medical appointment due to infertility issues. Infertility treatment includes certain medical tests, medical advice treatments to assist a woman in getting pregnant.

Facts on Infertility

Infertility is a disease which results in the abnormal functioning of the reproductive system of either a woman or a man’s body. Infertility prevents couples from creating a family which is considered as one of the most revered human activities. The Supreme Court of United States concluded that reproduction is perhaps a major life activity which is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Infertility Scope – Whom does it affect?

Infertility is a disease which can affect people of all socio-economic levels and ethnic backgrounds. It is a medical condition and not a sexual issue. Moreover, it is never a curse! Infertility can never be equivalent to sexual dysfunction and infertile people are as beautiful and virile as everyone else.

Infertility treatment and the costs involved in infertility

If you’ve been a victim of infertility and you want to know about the treatment, here are some facts involved.

  • ü Infertility treatment is offered by reproductive endocrinologists who specialise in reproductive health. Although majority of the people relate treatment with high tech procedures like IVF, only about 2% of infertility patients actually require those treatments. To know more on IVF, you may take a look at Invimed fertility clinics.
  • ü Infertility usually halts a family as it is a life stopping crisis which can have an impact on everything that a person does, from his self-esteem to his job performance to buying a home and to making vital life decisions.
  • ü Infertility usually has an impact on 1 in 10 people who have reached their reproductive age throughout the world. Both men and women are affected by this disease equally and the most common age of those seeking this kind of treatment is around 32.
  • ü Infertility may lead to anxiety, depression just as is common with other diseases like heart disease and cancer. It may even have an impact on the way you interact with your family and friends.
  • ü Over the last few years, very few areas have advanced in the medical field as rapidly as infertility.

Therefore, you can well understand that infertility is simply a disease and it is not a sexual problem. Instead of slipping into anxiety and depression, it is always better to seek help of a doctor or an infertility specialist who can show you the right path.