There’s no denying that BMW is a luxury car make. Models vary in price, but you can expect to pay at least £12,000, even for a second hand one.

If you are lucky enough to own one, you will no doubt be looking at how to maintain one. If you look after it properly, you can keep the value of the car high. People are obviously more willing to buy a car in good condition than poor, even if it carries the BMW logo.

You may think you’ve thought of all the ways to properly maintain your car but you are forgetting one really important thing. A really important piece of kit to have is a boot protector. Also known as a boot liner, they will keep your boot intact, scratch free, damage free, will protect against spills and even protect your car from animal hairs and mess! It’s definitely worth looking into BMW Boot Liners.

What is a Boot liner?

A boot liner or protector is a protective barrier placed inside the boot of a car. Its main function is to protect against accidental damage, spillages and stains. It also stops the boot from being covered in animal hairs, in particular dogs as they tend to ride in the boot of a car. Bear in mind there may also be the occasional dog mess there too as if the dog needs to go to the toilet they are probably going to go in the boot. The boot liner can easily be removed to clean, so it leaves no mess in your car.


Boot liners are incredibly easy to fit. You could do it yourself, as you are provided with the necessary instructions which are easy to follow. There will also be removal instructions too.

With it being stress-free to fit, it is also easy to remove, so if in the event you feel like you need to replace the cover, it is pretty straightforward. There are numerous different types of boot liner, but the main material used is PVC. This is because it’s the easiest to fit, cheap to make and buy and it is easy to maintain and clean.

What are boot liners made from?

Generally speaking, most boot liners are made from PVC, as mentioned above PVC is the cheapest to manufacture, making it cheaper all around for the consumer. There are other materials but you are looking at the cost going up significantly. Therefore it’s best to stick to PVC.

The PVC version is portable and as such can be rolled up if you don’t need to use It. As mentioned before, removal is incredibly easy and takes a matter of minutes if necessary. You can also get specifically tailored boot covers, which are made from PVC or Cloth; this protects the whole boot area, covering the floor, sides and back of seats.

BMW Boot Liners are universal and can be shaped to fit any model. Alternatively there are boot liners made from rubber, which are non-slip and are precisely made-to-order to fit the flat space within the boot. These are also good for preventing spillages and leakage across the rest of the boot space as the rubber holds things in place. If you do accidentally spill something, the rubber will prevent the liquid from spreading all over the boot. It’s much easer to clean a small spill than one that has spread everywhere.

Another, although less common boot liner is made from TPE or a form of thermoplastic material, that is vacuum formed to offer protection right up to the sides. These covers offer great protection, however they do have a major downside, not only are they more expensive, they don’t give you the same freedom to remove, replace and clean as the standard PVC models.

The best thing about customising is that you are free to choose the colour of the boot liner. You can also make it to your specific needs.

Some boot liners are made in such a way that they overlap over the edge of the back bumper. This is made specifically to stop any damage during loading and unloading occurring it has shown to be quite effective in keeping a car in good condition. Car manufacturers have started to develop this to offer all round protection for your car.

So remember, have a look at getting a boot protector for your BMW especially if your boot sees a lot of wear and tear, you will be glad you did. Especially for the resale value. Your car will always feel like its brand new if you look after it properly.