Are you planning on a vacation to India? This beautiful country offers so much to the traveler. If you are here for the first time, you might not know much about India. In this article, we’ll help you by introducing you to some of the most interesting aspects about India.

India Travel Insurance. India is a large country, with a rich variety of geography. Most visitors to India need a visa, which you could get in the Indian embassy near you. But even the citizens of some other countries can receive a eTourist visa, which you’ll need to apply for online in at least 72 hours ahead.

The best way to get a visa if you’re traveling to India is to use the Indian Embassy or the High Commission. These institutions handle all visa issues for India and also can help you plan your tour. You will need an Indian Passport to get a tourist visa for India. It must have a blank visa endorsement page within it. These stamps are also available for the citizens of Nepal, Myanmar, and Bhutan.

Best Time to Visit India. The best time to visit India depends on which part of India you are visiting. The northern part of the country enjoys hot summers and is the best time to visit India. In the southern part of the country, temperatures are milder and the monsoons are not very frequent.

When you’re visiting India, you’ll probably want to take a plane to Rajasthan, as this state holds the largest desert in India. One thing you should know about Rajasthan is that it’s popular for its deserts and is one of the most popular destinations for World Heritage sites. The best time to travel to Rajasthan is between March to May or between September to October. You can also get a visa for India when traveling to Nepal too.

Visa Application. Before going to India you need to know about its visa requirements. There are many who travel to India and expect to have easy visa processes. The truth is that visa processing takes long in India because of the heavy numbers of tourists and immigrants coming to India every year. Indians aren’t used to having so many foreigners living among them. The government wants to help facilitate their transition to India but implementing the required visa policies takes time.