For me, it would be about fun in the sun, no stress, and beautiful surroundings. We are lucky therefore that we are so close to some amazing summer holiday destinations!

I have a small tick-list for items and facilities I look for in my perfect summer holiday. See if any of these sound like your requirements too.


Ease of travel

I don’t like to make my travel days harder than they need to be, but I do appreciate that sometimes you have to put yourself out a little in order to save money. This is why I tend to book a hotel through prior to my flight if I’m travelling from an airport a little further away from my usual regional one. I find this saves me money even with the hotel price combined, so I’m happy at the end of the day. I have stayed at many of the Luton Airport hotels, with the Hilton Garden Inn Luton North a personal fav, so if finding a cheaper flight is something you’re looking to do, certainly check out this idea.

Plenty to see and do

I like to get out and explore my resorts, so plenty of excursions is something I look for in a destination. Boat trips are a must for me, because I love the relaxation side of things, plus the scenery is usually breath-taking too. I also enjoy a few cultural trips, so I tend to look for destinations close to such areas.

A beautiful beach

I have to admit that I am a beach fan, and I love to be able to kick back and enjoy a day’s lazing around on the sand. I tend to go for a resort with a good standard of beach, and I don’t mind travelling a little further if need be, but local is always better.


Guaranteed sun!

I like to go away when the sun is certainly shining, so I stick to the summer months when I know it is very unlikely to be cold! June is my favourite month to go away, because it’s not boiling hot by this time, but it’s certainly hot enough to feel the difference, the sun is beating down, and I can get out into the open and enjoy the fun of summer.

Anywhere in Europe is great this time of year, but I particularly love northern Spain and camping in the south of France!

Choice of accommodation

I like a hotel or apartment central to the action, but not in the thick of it, so I look for destinations which offer this. I don’t like to be trekking half a mile every day to go the shop, but equally I don’t want to be living above a noisy fun pub!

These are my basic requirements for a summer holiday, and whilst they probably seem a little mainstream, they’re popular requirements for a reason. Fun in the sun should be about relaxation and rest, with plenty of things to enjoy when you get a little bored of being lazy.