Are you a nature lover who wants to volunteer your time in an Australian beach and get up close and personal with the exotic wildlife and marine life? Do you have an interest in helping Sea Turtles protect their habitat and return many years of lost memories to those who see them? You could make your dreams come true by becoming a lifeguard, a volunteer for Sea World, or spend some time in the wilderness training and studying the local wildlife. You can help conserve natural habitats and reduce stress on the beaches that are so welcoming to tourists. All these and more are possible when you choose to work in one of Australia’s best holiday locations.

If you are traveling to Australia, South Australia is the first place to visit. This dynamic country offers scenic delights at any time of year and has much to offer tourists. The sunshine state is also a great place for those who enjoy adventure sports, and the top ten adventure locations in the world are found in Australia. Adventure travel is big business in Australia and the best and most exciting adventures are found in its pristine deserts and lakes. Australia’s lakes and rivers attract thousands of tourists each year, but you can help preserve their pristine condition by being a volunteer for one of the major lakeside programs.

Another country with several exciting holiday locations is Victoria. The state of Victoria is home to Australia’s most popular National Parks, spectacular rainforest areas, and the iconic Victoria Harbour. In addition to the wonderful National Parks there are beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and lakes to explore. Volunteer for either the National Parks Association or the Department of Parks and Wildlife, and you will be sure to experience a holiday filled with adventure.

As the summer winds down and the chill of winter starts to set in, you will quickly find that you want to get away from it all and volunteer in one of Australia’s best holiday locations. The great outdoors and magnificent forests of New South Wales and the Blue Mountains provide incredible opportunities for adventure. In June visitors can participate in the Giant Dwarf Key Walking Festival, or enjoy some free biking on the trails around accommodation sites in the Blue Mountains. You will also want to check out the wine trails in this area; a winery tour is a must do on your trip to New South Wales.

March is National Horse racing Month, so you may want to consider joining a country club horse race in February. Visitors to Feildon, Cochin, and Vindaloo will be able to participate in horse riding, polo or show jumping competitions. The other best holiday destinations in February include Corrumbin, Cairns, Tamar Valley, and Victoria.

After exploring Australia’s fabulous country regions, you will need to consider whether your next holiday spot should be on a beach, in the mountains or in the centre of a city. If you have long weekends, you can opt for an overnight stay on one of the many outstanding resorts, including the luxurious Yacht Club Resorts in Brisbane and the spectacular Sky Garden Lodge in Sydney. For those who are short on time, a stay in a city park or historic building will give visitors the opportunity to view some of the city’s history. Melbourne is the Capital City of Australia and it is easily accessible by road, rail and air. A visit to the National Park allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and is popular with families.

As the winter months approach, you will find that there are many more holiday travel destinations in Australia to choose from, including historic castles, national parks and beaches. A popular attraction during the summer months is the Australian Open, which attracts thousands of sports enthusiasts every day. Some of the best holiday travel movie locations in Australia include Melbourne where tourists can participate in the Melbourne Cup and take in some amazing golf. A visit to Katoomba in Western Australia is also a must see, especially for cyclists and horse riders.

The iconic Christmas Tree is a site that is synonymous with Christmas. This iconic landmark is a place that every holiday visitor should make sure they stop at when on their holiday travels. A journey down the Christmas Tree Road is a sight to behold and will be treasured for a lifetime. Some of the best holiday travel movie locations in Australia include the iconic Royal Botanic Park, Western Australia; Alice Springs, Queensland; and Katoomba, Western Australia.