Surely it can’t only be those of us who’ve made travelling a big part of our lives who dream of taking more than that one annual holiday? There are definitely a whole lot more of us who’d like to get away more, as is suggested by the trance-like state with which you often see commuters staring out of the tube windows when it channels over some of the more picturesque parts of the line.

Instead of merely dreaming of more than the occasional holiday when you’re making your daily commute though, have you ever stopped to think about just how you could actually happen. The fact that this resembles more of a dream doesn’t have to mean it can’t be a reality. All it takes to try and make it happen is switching up your thinking a bit.

How much does it cost you in total for a week’s rent along with your commute to work? Thinking about it from that perspective should immediately open your mind up to the possibility of perhaps trying to find a holiday getaway that costs as much as a week’s rent and commute. In fact, you should be getting excited right about now because you’ll find that there are indeed some great holiday escapes which cost nothing more than what you spend weekly on your basic living expenses, which include your travels to get to work, your rent and food.

Leading online travel agency LoveHolidays has taken the guesswork out of this conundrum faced by many a would-be traveller, creating an interactive tube map that highlights many of the holiday destinations which one can escape to in exchange for a week’s living expenses in London. I place quite an emphasis on the fact that these expenses incorporate tube travel and rent because those are indeed the two main expenses which effectively need to be “replaced” in order for the average eight-to-four worker to be able to enjoy their escape.

Unsurprisingly, the UK’s capital is indeed its most expensive city, but this makes for some great news, not only for Londoners, but for the rest of the UK working class as well. You’ll perhaps be quite amazed to say the least as to what a week’s tube and rent budget allocation can buy you by way of holiday getaways.

Barking residents for example can effectively trade in their commute to Barbican for an all-inclusive week-long holiday on the rather inviting beaches of Crete, while Clapham South residents who make their daily commute to Canary Wharf can enjoy an all-inclusive stay basking in the glorious beaches of Kos.

Perhaps your daily commute as an East India resident takes you to Victoria, in which case the Maltese capital of Valletta is well within your reach, with some fresh seafood to go with the sandy beaches of The Algarve you’ll enjoy.

The interactive tube map can be found here:, making it extremely easy for customers to tailor their search for their ideal holiday with search-terms such those based on budget, weather and all the things which matter to the eager holidaymaker.