First of all, what is the Grand National?

This is actually rather subjective- at its core, the Grand National is a huge, televised racing event that spans across three days. However, for many others, it is simply the perfect excuse to get away and focus all their power and energy into enjoying themselves. The races are, of course, the main focus, as they should be. However, it’s the utter tension and atmosphere that really drives the event. There are only a handful of things in this world that can make you lean as far forward in your seat as physically possible, curl your toes in anticipation, and (death)grip the hand of whoever poor fellow was unlucky enough to sit beside you. Last year, that was my boyfriend, Steve. This year, it will still be Steve, but maybe with some thicker gloves.

Grand Opening Day - betting online

On that note, the event truly is much better if you have someone with you- be it your partner, a couple of mates or even your colleagues. Almost everyone enjoys a good race, after all. Otherwise, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s still as good an excuse as any to just get out and have a good time.

As it is with any race, a lot of fun can be had from trying to predict the winner. The predictions itself are not quite that thrilling unless you are a fan, rather, it’s the way they are predicted that are pretty entertaining. First off, we have those who focus on logistics and facts to determine the outcome- reliable, but slightly boring for those who are not into digging into details. Next, we have the lucky numbers, lucky colors, lucky jockey beards- I honestly don’t know what other lucky things a person can come up with, but it’s pretty fun and somewhat thrilling if you actually get it right. Lastly, we have the psychics! The Grand National already had Dean “Midas” Maynard in attendance, who actually came pretty darn close- he might just come back this year. Other, less conspicuous members of the audience may be trying their hand at it, though there is a distinct lack of intense staring and fingers on temples from what I remember last year. It’s always great fun to bet against your mates on the outcome of the race, whatever which way you decide to do it.

Aside from the races, there is enough of the event to keep you entertained, really. Even just getting to hang out with such an atmosphere in the air sort of brings everything alive. People-watching is also quite a notorious activity during this event. You can’t really do much to help it when you see people with fashion that is pretty out there- be it the body suits or the feathered hats. Lady’s Day will be coming up soon after, after all, so you don’t have much to lose and you have a lot of fun to gain by simply attending.