Even if you’re a traveller at heart yourself and you love the open road or just the idea of going away for a bit, it can be hard to get a proper gift for you partner who really loves to travel — a gift which you yourself feel satisfied about giving. The truth is it can be really hard to go gift-shopping for anyone, let alone someone who’s one true love is travelling (besides their love for you, of course). It’s only difficult if you want to make a lasting impact with your gift however, because otherwise something like a spa treatment for one (or two if you want to join them) will do just fine.

The true eleutheromaniac presents a whole different challenge to their partner seeking to make a lasting impact with a gift however, for the true eleutheromaniac’s spirit can never really be satisfied. As an eleuthoromaniac, you’re perhaps dreaming of your next trip long before you’ve even boarded the flight back home from your current trip, so you yourself know just how hard it would be to be presented a travel-related gift which you’re completely satisfied with.

This isn’t particularly a bad thing however because as someone who loves travelling yourself, you understand just how hard it is for your traveller’s spirit to be completely satisfied. This likely means that your eleuthoromaniac partner will totally understand where you’re coming from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

There are some great gift ideas to come as close as possible to satisfying the true traveller at heart and these come in the form of experiences as opposed physical gift items. Of course, this doesn’t mean these have to be mutually exclusive. You’d be surprised at just how something as seemingly simple as a hired bike service can really make the day of someone who loves to travel as perhaps the perfect gift. You see travellers know exactly what they want, or at least they have a pretty good idea of exactly what they want, but they just don’t know how to get it. Make their life just a little bit easier and you’re pretty much sorted as far as sorting out a great traveller’s gift goes.

Obviously, physical gifts can also be a wonderful item to receive if you put a little thought into it. If your eleutheromaniac likes to collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts from every city you visit, for example, you might want to head to https://memorystitch.com/products/t-shirt-quilt and get them all stitched together into a blanket. This is a good way to actually make some use out of them if they’re just taking up space in your cupboard too! Additionally, think practically – a polaroid camera may be great to take on your travels to capture special memories, or maybe a new suitcase to replace their old one?

It really is the thought that counts and in this instance that’s not just an empty cliché. Beth Noy who is the Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media Manager of bike and accessories shop Leisure Lakes knows all about those gifts which really make an impact in the lives of those who love exploring the great outdoors. A good bike is definitely one of them, as unlikely as it may seem, but it’s what a bicycle symbolises which makes it such a great gift for a partner who loves travelling.

“As a family business we have been working hard for over 36 years to provide quality bikes and accessories to get people out riding, and enjoying it!” said Beth, as part of a discussion about some products and services around the cycling and outdoors craze which make for some great presents.