On camping trips, there are different levels of deprivation people are prepared to tolerate. No matter how you do it, by simply leaving home and heading off into the great outdoors, we are taken out of our comfort zones. It seems the whole camping lark is defined differently depending on who you speak to – silver trekkers do it in their caravans, the young are happy with a tent in a muddy field, some approach it like an endurance test. They leave home with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing and a map, whilst others prefer to glamp in style and high heels – everyone has a unique take on camping. However, there is one thing most agree on: anything that makes the experience a tad more comfortable should be encouraged. Read on for the low down on the best gadgets to take to ensure your camping trip is a success. Additionally, take a look at For Her About Her By Her to find the best rental equipment deals for when you just need the camping basics sorted out.

Snoozing on site

Lack of quality rest makes us grumpy, listless and less fun to be with, so be certain to have good sleeping arrangements in place. The luxury of a memory foam mattress in a camping car or a four-poster in a glamper’s yurt eclipses the more basic sleeping options available at the rougher end of the scale. Campers can snuggle down on hi-tech self-inflating space blankets that are light and compact enough to fit inside a water bottle, or stretch out on lightweight luxury cots with aluminium stays that keep you hovering comfortably above the cold earth. Take your pick.

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My kind of camping…glamping in a yurt!

Wake up call

After a great night’s sleep, nothing wakes you up better than a cup of your favourite brew. Most campsites have electricity hook ups, so plugging in your coffee machine to brew up an eye-opening espresso or languid latte won’t be a challenge. The new compact models of coffee machine at www.tassimo.co.uk make the ideal camping companion for those who can’t forgo their morning coffee or warming hot chocolate at bedtime.

Fresh air feasting


With beverages sorted, let’s focus on food preparation. One must-have gadget that’s flying off the shelves in camping stores is the Biolite Campstove with Portable Grill. This compact and lightweight stove not only cooks up one-pot feasts, it converts energy from the fire into power for charging your phone or other gadgets. You can neatly satisfy your latent caveman’s desire for a campfire whilst keeping all your gadgets charged – ancient meets modern in the wilderness.

Filling the long nights

Star gazing and trips to local attractions will be keeping you busy most nights. However, if bad weather interferes with plans or you just fancy a quiet night watching TV, the good news is, you can! Invest in a tiny 7″ portable TV by RCA with a rechargeable lithium battery, its own antennae and built in speakers. Being small, it won’t add too much to the luggage, but it will certainly add an extra dimension to your entertainment options.

A Little Pre-Camp Teaser

Seasoned campers who fell in love with the great outdoors from the get-go and campers for whom it has become somewhat of an acquired taste alike cannot help but draw some inspiration out of simply walking into a specialist camping equipment outlet like Planet Camping. Whether you’re looking for a specific camping gadget or indeed if you’re looking to see if there’s something you’ll find useful, the true camper at heart simply cannot wait to get that new smell out of the brand new camping gear sitting on the shelves.

Camping can be whatever you want it to be – a seat of your pant’s adventure, a stately saunter or a cross between the two. Wherever you make your pitch, make sure you choose your gadgets wisely – they could make all the difference between a trip that’s a triumph or a trial.